Eyelash Extensions and Humidity: Why They Don’t Work Together

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Applying eyelash extensions is a work of art. It entails skill, an excellent adhesive material and the right room temperature and humidity.

The glue that we use to apply our eyelash extensions optimally works between 40% and 80% humidity (we aim for 60%). If it gets more or less humid outside, we do our best to keep within our specific humidity and temperature range in our salon to ensure that the glue works as it should – neglecting the environment like many salons do will cause the glue to not cure properly, meaning your lashes will fall out sooner. 

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What Is the Right Humidity for Eyelash Extensions?

Humidity is basically just how much moisture is in the air, and you can really feel it on those super humid days. The humidity here in the Gold Coast area can get as high as 90%, but generally sits between 50 to 70% – it’s just those super humid or super dry days we get that need some of our own intervention to make sure the salon remains within the ideal working range. 

A strong bond is crucial to have long-lasting eyelash extensions. Thus, the temperature in an eyelash salon must be maintained between 16°C and 24°C while the humidity must be kept between 40% and 80% – our goal humidity is 60%. If the heat and humidity are within these levels, the eyelash adhesive will dry at its optimum speed and allow the lashes to last to their potential.

Above and below these levels, the glue stays watery for too long and the bond dries too slow, making the eyelashes stick together, which may cause eye irritation, incorrect lash placement or an insufficient bonding surface. 

There are also different glues we turn to during the really dry or really humid days which are designed to work better in those rare occasions.

How We Deal with Humidity

At The Lash Spa, we have hydrometers in each treatment room, and in the hall that constantly monitor humidity…

The dehumidifier is the big thing in the hall – it’s a little noisy when it kicks in, but it’s designed to suck the humidity out of the air and make the salon more dry. It kicks in only when the humidity pushes over 60%.

There are also humidifiers in each treatment room (a total of 4) which add moisture to the air when the humidity drops below 50%. These are whisper quiet compared to the dehumidifier so you probably won’t ever notice them, but they’re always there monitoring.

eyelash extensions humidity

This system ensures the salon stays within the 50 to 60% humidity range where the glue works as efficiently as possible, so your lash technician can be more precise, you get less chance of any irritation from glue fumes, and your lashes last as long as possible.

It’s not something most clients notice since we keep our environment regulation devices as hidden away as possible – but we’re the only salon on the Gold Coast to so accurately take control of salon humidity to achieve better lash results.

We guarantee our customers that they get the best service from our lash technicians who have thousands of hours of experience in applying lash extensions. Plus, we only use the best eyelash extensions and one-second glue in a room with regulated humidity to make sure that our clients get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.