Eyelash Extensions Burleigh, Palm Beach, Currumbin and Coolangatta

The southern end of the Gold Coast is known for its beaches and relaxed surfer vibes, but if you’re looking for eyelash extensions around Burleigh Heads to Coolangatta you no doubt want the very best.

Eyelash Extensions Burleigh

An area that has grown hugely in popularity over the last decade is Burleigh, and in particular, Burleigh Heads with its ever-evolving and improving strip of restaurants, cafes, and other shops down the famous James Street. For eyelash extensions Burleigh Beauty Salons there a few options along the strip, however, parking can be a nightmare depending on the time and day you go, and because of the extremely limited space the salons are very small and cramped – commercial leases in this are some of the most expensive on the Coast. 

Eyelash Extensions Burleigh

Just a short drive down the Gold Coast Highway is The Lash Spa – the most highly awarded lash salon on the coast, with easy parking and private treatment suites along with a large wellness area to relax and unwind. It’s total bliss and relaxation.

Lashes Palm Beach

Eyelash Extensions Coolangatta

Palm Beach has gone through an even bigger change than Burleigh – in the last 20 years, it’s become one of the most highly prized locations on the Gold Coast, with a lot of development increasing the population, and the culture has somehow stayed the same being very relaxed and laid back. Eyelash extensions Palm Beach are harder to find since all the locations are basically along the Gold Coast Highway which makes parking difficult and a lot have moved locations due to the constant buildings getting demolished and rebuilt. There are a few decent salons down that way, but we would suggest the short drive down the highway to The Lash Spa where you’re guaranteed to get the best lashes anywhere. With hundreds of 5-star reviews thanks to the incredible experience along with the perfect results we give to our clients every day.

Lashes Palm Beach

Lashes and Brows Currumbin and Coolangatta

Further south still, and just before the Queensland / New South Wales border is Currumbin and Coolangatta eyelash extensions. Down this far the population starts to get smaller due to the thinner density of housing which doesn’t extend far from the coastline. Fewer people means fewer shops, fewer beauty salons, and even fewer lash extensions specialty salons. But thankfully there is easy access to the best eyelash extensions Gold Coast, The Lash Spa. Just a short drive North on the Gold Coast Highway. We’re a lash salon that prides itself on the experience we give. With private treatment suites, iced tea, and Ferrero’s on arrival. Complimentary cookie bar and popping lychee cloud mocktails, plus a perfectly climate-controlled environment ensuring your lashes last longer than ever before.

Currumbin Eyelash Extensions

So if you’re coming from the southern end of the Coast, whether it’s Burleigh, Palm Beach, Currumbin, or Coolangatta for eyelash extensions then you need to make the short trip to The Lash Spa.

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