Eyelash Extension Removal on the Gold Coast that’s Safe & Pain-free

Looking for an eyelash extension removal on the Gold Coast? We believe that your natural lashes deserve the best care possible which is why we use only the most gentle and safest techniques for eyelash extension removal at our Gold Coast salon The Lash Spa.

What is the process for safe Eyelash Extension Removal?

As lash specialists, we are committed to preserving the natural eyelash underneath the extension and adhesive which is why we do not rush this treatment. Even if you just have a few lashes remaining, we utilise the full treatment time to soak and dissolve lash adhesive safely.

Eyelash Extensions Removal Gold Coast

Other lash salons may only allow 10 minutes to perform a removal and this is due to their method of removing the extensions using tweezers and pulling apart the extension from the natural lash with what is referred to as a “banana peel method”.

We aim to soak the lashes so they glide off without any trouble and leave the whole natural lash underneath intact.

How long does an eyelash extension removal take?

The process takes 20 minutes and is completely pain-free. An eyelash extension removal should not sting, burn, or irritate the eyes. Our expert team takes great care when performing an eyelash extension removal.

Inclusions in your Gold Coast Eyelash Extensions Removal at The Lash Spa:
  • your own luxury private treatment suite (no laying next to any customers or in a big communal room full of beds)
  • experienced elite artist with years of eyelash extension removal knowledge under their belt
  • heated comfy bed with cloud pillows & blankets – you will fall asleep!
  • our famous lemon lychee iced tea upon arrival with Ferrero Rocher
  • relax in our wellness zone and enjoy a complimentary foot soak with flower petals upon your first visit
  • complimentary 24k gold under-eye mask at first visit
  • vanilla caramel hand massage in-treatment
  • lavender hot towel ritual
  • rose quartz facial massage
  • a safe eyelash extension removal without pain or stinging
  • divine spa ambiance with a tranquil water fountain
  • entry into our generous loyalty program where every 10th treatment is free simply by rebooking your next treatment before you leave the spa
  • Safe lash removal guaranteed

Please note, if you have suffered an allergic reaction from another company and are seeking to come to The Lash Spa for a safe eyelash extension removal – our policy is that unfortunately, we cannot perform this treatment once a reaction is present.

Reactions are very very rare but it’s not something that our team can get involved with due to the risk of further increasing your reaction. Please speak to a doctor and liaise with the provider who performed the extensions originally.

Suffering from clumped glue and poorly applied eyelash extensions from another Gold Coast business? Read here:

It can be frustrating when you lay down for a long time excitedly waiting to see the results of your eyelash extensions, only to sit up and be met with disappointment. Rest assured, our team can help by removing these poorly applied extensions and starting again.

Our removal treatment timeframe of 20 minutes is based upon removing our eyelash extensions from The Lash Spa where we know the perfect amount of adhesive has been used.

Removals from other businesses are possible with us, we just ask you to call ahead of time to let us know what the situation is. Sometimes a removal can take up to 60 minutes when we are removing extensions from inexperienced and untrained lash artists. We charge in 20-minute increments to ensure our time and product is covered.

To book a lash extensions removal on the Gold Coast at The Lash Spa, call us at 0756 891 919 or click here to book online