Lashes in Robina, Mudgeeraba, Varsity Lakes Area on the Gold Coast

If you’re searching for eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast around the beautiful areas of Robina, Mudgeeraba and Varsity Lakes then we’ve got exactly what you need. This area of the Coast has a lot to offer and although they’re not the most densely populated areas, there is a wide variety of lash salons that you could choose from.

Eyelash Extensions Robina

Lash Extensions Robina

If you’re in Robina or the Robina Town Centre area looking for lashes then there are only a few quite good salons, peppered with quite a few small home-based lash techs starting out and vying for new clients. The salon you choose for eyelash extensions in Robina could either be the closest to you, and that’s something only you can know, or you may be looking for the best.

Lashes Robina Town Centre

If you’re after the best lash salon on the Gold Coast then you’re just a short drive away from The Lash Spa in Varsity Lakes, right next to Robina. It’s not just our admittedly biased opinion, but also the reviews and feedback from hundreds of happy lash clients.

Lashes Mudgeeraba

Even more spaced out than Robina is Mudgeeraba – such a strong community feel in this area and we know of a few lash salons in the Mudgeeraba area and we’re sure even more home-based new artists, but we’re not aware of anywhere that competes with The Lash Spa for both quality of lashes and quality of experience.

At the Lash Spa Varsity Lakes, we’re known for our attention to detail and for providing a well-rounded experience for both new and returning clients.

Eyelash Extensions Mudgeeraba

You’ll get a glass of sparkling wine, or lemon lychee iced tea on arrival, followed by our customised check-in station where you’ll choose which complimentary extras you’d like during your treatment. You’ll then be laid down on our super comfy treatment tables, with memory foam neck supporting pillows (so your neck isn’t killing by the end of your treatment). Next, your lashes will be applied by an elite-level lash artist who has an incredible amount of experience, using the highest quality products including our own ‘Lash Cement’ lash glue which is made in Australia for our Gold Coast weather conditions.

Eyelash Extensions Varsity Lakes

If you’ve read to this point then you know that The Lash Spa is in Varsity Lakes (we’re sometimes referred to as The Lash Bar – because we get a lot of referrals, and spa sounds a lot like bar!) – We’re the best lash salon on the whole Gold Coast and we’d love for you to come in and see for yourself. 

Lashes and Brows Varsity Lakes

Brows and Lashes Varsity Lakes are popular businesses, with several along the same street that we’re on called Varsity Parade, however, we offer our clients another level of service and experience by guaranteeing perfect results with a brilliant experience each and every time.

We are the only salon on the Gold Coast to offer private treatment suites, so you’re not awkwardly laying an arm’s length away from the next client, listening to the staff talk amongst themselves about the events of the weekend while you lay in silence waiting for the appointment to end. Instead at the Lash Spa, you decide whether you’d like a lash nap, or whether you’d like to have a chat with your artist while you get your lashes done in total peace.

The Lash Bar Varsity Lakes
The Lash Bar Varsity Lakes

Our entire salon (currently 12 private treatment suites) is completely temperature and humidity-controlled, so each room is the perfect environment for both your comfort and so the lashes can adhere perfectly and increase your lash retention. No other salon has this capability.

So if you’re looking for the best lash extensions in the Robina, Mudgeeraba, and Varsity Lakes area then you need to visit The Lash Spa on the Gold Coast to see what everyone is talking about.

To get more details of our service list and pricing just visit our main site here, or give us a call at 0756 891 919