How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

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When you invest in eyelash extensions to improve your appearance and confidence levels, you want them to last as long as possible. Different salons and technicians use different methods and products to give you the look you want. Unfortunately, some promise results that do not match up to reality.

Eyelash extensions last only as long as your natural eyelashes do. After all, they are attached to the hairs themselves, and when they fall out, so will the extensions. A better question to ask is how long eyelash extensions should last?

Eyelash’s Natural Lifespan

Just like all the hair on your body, your eyelashes have a growth cycle. New lashes form, emerge, grow, and then fall out. The average is around six weeks.

While faux lashes that glue directly to your eyelid skin can last longer, there is simply no way that extensions can stay put longer than your natural lashes do. Technicians who promise more may not be representing their products or services honestly.

Badly Applied, Clumpy Eyelashes Last Longer

Proper extensions applied correctly attach to just one lash. People who do not know their trade well or who want to cut corners end up gluing extensions to multiple lashes at the same time. This often happens because they use too much glue.

The results look great at first. You look in the mirror and see thick, lush lashes just like the pictures in the salon’s portfolio. These are images of clients’ eyes right after the application, not a month or two later. What really happens with improperly applied extensions?

With too much glue clumping multiple natural lashes together, you may experience a pulling or painful sensation. Your eyelids have very delicate skin, and they are not used to having heavier groups of lashes attached to them.

The extensions last longer because they stick to adjacent hairs when your natural lashes fall out. They shed but get stuck to the ones next to them. You end up with dead hairs, extensions, and live lashes glued together on your face. As the new lashes start to grow, it only adds to the clumpy, uncomfortable effect.

In many cases, you may have to pay extra and go through a long process to have these messed up extensions removed. Only then can you opt for quality products and procedures from a true expert.

How Long Should Eyelash Extensions Last?

The simple answer is “As long as your natural lashes do.” While this is around six weeks for most people, it can take less or more time depending on your personal growth cycle. For those worried about cost over time, remember this. Badly applied extensions will not give you the look you want weeks after you leave the salon. What is the use of paying less for unattractive, uncomfortable service?

For the best results, a well-trained and experienced technician uses quality glues and lashes. They carefully separate natural hairs, apply just enough glue to attach the extension, and then do so. Most of all, they make sure the glue dries properly before adding more to the same lash line. This prevents clumpy eyelashes and other issues.