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If you suffer from anxiety, sometimes beauty appointments can be overwhelming. We’ve had many clients over the years who experience anxiety so have strategies and tools in place to help you relax as much as possible during your lash appointment. If you have anxiety about getting eyelash extensions, keep reading on how we’ll make your experience comfortable at The Lash Spa.

Relaxing spa music 

Our salon has been designed to calm your mind, body and soul. From the moment you walk in, the relaxing spa music and beautiful scented candles will help you feel at ease. The music continues into our private suites as well. However, if you prefer to listen to your own music or a podcast – feel free to bring your own headphones and pop them in during your appointment. Or if you haven’t brought your own music, you can request for songs with lyrics to be played (if you prefer to have lyrics to shift your focus to). 

Spacious private rooms

At The Lash Spa, every client has their treatment in a private luxurious suite. We want your visit to be a treat for yourself so we have created an atmosphere where you’ll feel comfortable. Each suite is spacious and equipped with high ceilings to make you feel super relaxed.

Private Treatment Room Eyelash Extensions

Calming blankets

We offer both light or warm blankets and can tuck you in at your request. However, if you prefer to have no blanket – that’s fine too! Simply select your preference when checking in at our counter. 

Detailed consultations

For new clients, we always conduct a one-on-one consultation where we assess your lashes and determine the look you’re after. If you’re anxious, please let our technicians know upfront so they can go into further detail about the process of the appointment so you know exactly what will be happening and you can feel more at ease. 

Stress balls or comfort items

We have super cute unicorn stress balls on hand if you need! Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to bring a comfort item of your own – whether it be a water bottle, stress ball or something else personal that helps you feel comfortable. 

Eyelash Extensions Anxiety Stress Ball

If you do experience anxiety, please let our friendly team know at the time of booking and we can ensure your experience is a comfortable one. We’ll work with you on what will make you feel most at ease – whether it’s booking you into one of our larger treatment suites or one with the most natural light.

With the above coping mechanisms in place, many of our clients who experience anxiety are able to lay still and relax throughout their appointment. If you don’t feel comfortable during your appointment, you’re of course welcome to leave at any time – simply let our artist know. However, if your appointment has started and you need to leave, we will charge the cost of the treatment (to cover our labour costs and the lost booking) – we hope you can understand. You should never feel uncomfortable at The Lash Spa –  together, we can curate an amazing experience for you tailored to your personal preferences! We hope to welcome you in soon.