How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

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If you’re new to the lash extension world then your first question will probably be “how long do eyelash extensions last?”…

And that’s fair enough – you’re putting cash into a beauty treatment and want to know how long you’ll reap the rewards of your lashvestment, right?

If you’re one of those people who want the super quick answer without reading through all the do’s and don’ts to maximise lash retention then let me just drop a number:

4 weeks

Now if you’re still reading, then I’ll let you know how to make your lashes last longer, and reveal some reason why you may not even hit that 4-week mark.

Let’s start with a little rundown of how eyelash extensions work…

How long do eyelash extensions last

It’s just a synthetic lash that gets glued to your strong healthy natural lashes (not the baby lashes). And because your natural lashes have a growth cycle of around four to six weeks, that means even if your synthetic extensions are perfectly bonded to the natural lash, they will still fall out when the natural lash drops off in that four to six week period.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s figure out exactly how long eyelash extensions last.

Application Essentials for Long-Lasting Lash Retention

Lash extensions are an interesting treatment because both you and your lash technician play equal parts in the retention of your lashes. If they fall out early then it could be the fault of your lash tech – but it could also be you!

There are 3 main things the lash tech needs to get right. Which are…

Using High-Quality Lash Glue

Obviously, the thing that’s creating the bond between your natural lash and the extension is the glue, and if the glue isn’t super high quality then the bond won’t last as long. Super high-quality lash glue isn’t cheap at close to $100 for a very small bottle – this is one of the areas the very cheap lash salons skimp to cut costs… and it’s the clients who suffer from lashes that just don’t last.

PLUS, it’s very temperamental. It needs to be stored at the right temperatures in a dry place, so a fridge is usually the go-to place. It also needs to be thoroughly shaken before EVERY client – at least 1 minute of vigorous shaking to make sure there is no glue separation. And to make sure the glue works to its potential we need…

Perfect Room Conditions to Cure the Lash Glue

Eyelash Extension Humidity

Each brand of glue is slightly different, but they all have an environmental range they work best in. So the glue I use works best at a temperature of around 23 degrees, and a humidity between 50 and 70%.

I’ve found that the sweet spot for glue curing is between 55 and 60% so I have a humidity controlling machine programmed to kick in when the humidity veers outside that range.

Another big plus is having airflow in the room. It helps the glue cure and gets any fumes away from the clients’ eyes more quickly to reduce irritation for clients with sensitive eyes.

The Lashes Should Be Deep Cleaned

Have you ever noticed on any type of glue it always says “the area must be completely clean and dry” – Most of us ignore that because we’re too lazy to do a quick cleanup, but it means the adhesive won’t work as well…

It’s the same with lash extensions! If your natural lash isn’t completely clean then the extension won’t last as long.

In my salon, I ask clients to remove any eye or lash makeup before arriving, AND I also do a deep clean using saline solution and a lash wand and keep scrubbing until no more mascara or oils are coming off. You’d be surprised how much can remain even after you think they’re clean!

Now that’s basically all your lash lady can do. From here on the ball is in your court, so follow these tips to make your eyelash extensions last longer…

Keep Them Bone Dry for 24 Hours After Application

This isn’t just a little tip – this is ESSENTIAL!

I’ve had clients who shower multiple times daily and can’t resist jumping in the shower only hours after their lashes have been applied – and the result is a lot of lashes falling out because the glue hasn’t fully bonded and the moisture of the water totally wrecks the glue!

You need to wait at LEAST 24 hours after your lashes have been applied to have them around any type of moisture. This includes pools, rain, sweating at the gym… even being in the bathroom right after someone else has showered, or cooking over a steaming stove.

I’d actually say this is priority number one for getting lash extensions. So keep ‘em dry!

Don’t Get Any Oils On Your Lash Extensions

Stay away from anything with oil on your face.

Oil is basically the arch-enemy of glue, so if you use mascara, make sure it’s an oil-free one…

and even beyond mascara, any product that goes on your face that contains oil can work against the bond of the glue on your lashes.

I’ve had a client who couldn’t seem to get her lashes to last more than 3 weeks even though she was doing everything right. It turned out that the facial cleanser she was using had oils in it – once she switched to an oil-free cleanser the lashes stuck like crazy. She was hitting the 6-week mark before needing infills!

Try Not To Squash Them While Sleeping

Eyelash extensions are pretty resilient to everyday life, but if you tend to sleep on one side all the time then it’s highly likely that you’ll lose lashes on that side more quickly than the other – which just ends up looking funny if you’ve got wayyy more lashes on one side.

It’s a hard habit to break, but just try to keep your eyes from smooshing into the pillow.

Don’t Pull Them Out

Pretty self-explanatory but I do have clients who will pull at their extensions – sometimes without even realising they’re doing it. Even though the glue is super strong, if you pull and them and twist them enough they will break away – or you’ll end up ripping your natural lashes from the eyelid and be left lash-less. So if you’re a lash-puller, try to cut it out!

If everything goes right then you should have around half your extensions left about 4 weeks after getting your original set applied, which means it’s time for infills to top them back up to be a full set.

And if you’re super lucky you could keep your lashes for up to 6 weeks before needing infills – but it’s rare.

If you follow all the tips above and get a good lash technician then it will mostly come down to the natural rate which your lashes fall out. And now we’ve answered the question ‘how long do eyelash extensions last’ you’ll be able to make a better lashvestment, AND make it last longer 🙂