6 Tips To Reach The Potential Of Your Eyelash Extensions Appointment

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As a small home-based business things can get a little tricky!

After becoming increasingly popular since the start of 2018 I’ve regularly been booked out one to two weeks in advance and because there are only so many hours in a day I have to book clients one after another with a short 10-minute break in between to sterilise equipment and get the salon prepped and ready for the next client.

So when a client does one of the things in the list I’ve created below the outcome is that they simply get fewer lash extensions than they would have had because I can’t push the appointment back or work any faster than I already do.

Please keep in mind that I love ALL my clients and if you know you’ve done any of these things in the past I never hold it against you – this is simply a guide to help you get the most out of your appointment 🙂

So here we go…

1. Make Sure You Arrive On Time

Because my appointments are squeezed so tightly together it can really throw things off if a client arrives more than five or ten minutes late. I do everything I can do make up that time but…

It’s kind of like when you’re going on a flight an the plane leaves 30 minutes late, but still arrives on time. The pilot just speeds up a little to make up that time. However, if the plane leaves too late there’s only so much time the captain can make up.

lash salon appointment

Yes, I am basically a pilot 🙂

If you know you’re going to be late please let me know – and if you’ll be REALLY late then it’s probably best to re-schedule – I really won’t mind because I understand that things happen, life (and traffic) can throw off any plans at the last minute.

2. Deep Clean Your Eyelashes Before You Arrive

It’s true that I’ll give your lashes a super scrub before applying any extensions, but if they’re caked with a week worth of mascara or remaining glue from strip lashes then the cleaning process is going to take much longer!

Clean Eyelashes

If you give your eyelashes a mega clean before you arrive then I’ll be able to basically just rinse them and check there’s no stubborn makeup remaining, so that we can dive straight into applying your new extensions.

3. Don’t Underestimate Your Appointment Type

An infills appointment is basically just half of a full set. It takes half the time and half the lashes get applied…

So if you know what you’ve only got half a dozen extensions left then the best thing to do is to let me know before your appointment so that I can either increase your appointment to a full set, or add what I call a ‘Volume Boost’ which is like a half infills (add it to an infills set and you’ve got 75% of a full set).

If you arrive to an infills appointment with very few remaining lashes I won’t be able to get your lashes back to 100% fullness in the time available (and I can’t always tack time on the end of your appointment if my next client is booked in right after you), and you’ll go home wishing you had more lashes.

4. Lay As Still As Possible

Part of the reason The Lash Spa has become so popular is because we’ve created a very relaxing place where you can just lay down and chill out! So many of my clients drift off to sleep during their appointment which actually makes them very easy to work on because they don’t move.

On the other hand, if you love to talk then I’d love to talk to you! But just be aware of your eye movement. When we talk our eyes tend to move around a little and the eyelids can flutter which can make the process of so delicately and precisely applying lashes more difficult and more time-consuming.

So don’t stop talking, but rather just pay attention to your micro eye movements.

5. Turn Your Phone On Silent

Getting a message or a call during your appointment when your eyes need to stay closed is like having the worst itch that you can’t scratch. You’re left laying down wonder who it was? – was it important? – should you open your eyes to check?

Turn Off Phone During Appointment

Unless you’re actually waiting on a super-duper important call then please turn your phone on silent – it’ll help you relax more and make the process of applying your lashes that little bit easier.

6. Bring A Friend But Keep Chatting To A Minimum

You’re more than welcome to bring a friend but please keep the chatting to a minimum.

I’ve found that when friends are chatting they often get fairly excited and start to subconsciously use hand gestures and facial expressions like smiling and even slight nods or head shakes which obviously makes the eyelash extensions process much, much more difficult.

It’s also not the most exciting procedure to watch, so I recommend your friend bring something to do like go on their phone or watch a movie on their tablet.

Of course, I’m not saying you can’t talk at all, but if you want to properly catch up with a friend, the best time for it probably isn’t during your appointment 🙂

If you follow this little guide you’ll ensure that you get as many lashes as possible so that you walk away from every appointment thrilled with your gorgeous, full, natural-looking eyelash extensions!