Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

We specialise in perfect lashes - here's the proper aftercare for when you leave the salon

At The Lash Spa we’re dedicated to providing you with the best eyelash extensions, applied in the most advanced and optimal ways so that they look amazing, feel comfortable and last for a long time without damaging your natural lashes at all. It’s important you follow the correct eyelash extensions aftercare steps to ensure the best results long-term.

We do this by using the best-quality eyelash extensions Gold Coast and glues applied by elite lash artists with extensive experience and ensure that our temperature and humidity in the salon always stay within a very specific range thanks to our advanced temperature and humidity-controlled system we’ve invested over $50,000 in (we’re the only salon on the Gold Coast with these incredibly advanced systems)…

We also use a pH balancer before applying your extensions which ensures the lash glue can bond quickly and perfectly.

Then we apply your extensions with our own ‘Lash Cement’ – a lash glue developed and manufactured in Australia to work for our conditions – this glue has beaten everything we’ve put it against by far in all areas, especially retention.

Finally, we seal the lashes with our Superbonder which ensures the glue is entirely set and at it’s maximum strength when you leave the salon.

So rest assured that your lashes have been applied with care and to the highest standards with the most advanced professional-grade products.

So once you’ve left, how do you take care of your lash extensions?

If you can’t watch the video, then here are some of the care instructions:

You can get the wet right away!

Previously we’ve said not to wet them for 24 hours, and this is what most places recommend for eyelash extensions aftercare. But with our own pH balancer, lash cement, and super bonder your lashes will be perfectly sealed when you leave The Lash Spa, so you can carry on as normal. Jump straight in the pool if you like!

Clean Them Every Few Days with an Oil-Free Lash Cleanser

eyelash extensions cleanser aftercare

Because we’re increasing the surface area of your lashes they become a larger area to collect any oils, dust or even bacteria than normal. This build-up of oils can break down the bond of the lash glue so your extensions won’t last as long.

Luckily, it’s not an issue at all as long as you give them a quick, gentle clean in the morning.

  1. Splash your lashes with water
  2. Pump a ball of oil-free lash cleansing foam onto a soft bristle cleansing brush (cleansing brush not shown in the video below but fingertips can also be used gently) – We provide all new clients with a free bottle of lash cleanser and future bottles can be purchased in the salon
  3. Brush in a gentle circular motion over your lashes
  4. Rinse with water
  5. Pat dry
  6. Brush with a spoolie brush

Don’t Pull, Twist or Sleep on Your Extensions

Some clients have the urge to pick at their extensions, which causes them to come off, and can pull out natural lashes too. If you think this is you please try to resist the urge!

Also if you sleep face down, or on your side with an eye pressed into the pillow then this can put strain on the bond of the extensions and cause them to come off sooner than usual. Try using a contoured lash mask, or changing your sleeping habit so that your lashes don’t touch the pillow at all (we understand this is difficult). Generally, if you’re losing lashes on only one eye it is caused by sleeping on that side most of the time.

Don’t Use Oil-Based Products Near Your Extensions

This includes moistuirisers, cleansers, mascara, and even micellar water.

Just like your body’s natural oils can break down the bond of the glue, putting other oils like moisturiser near your lashes can do the same thing. If you do use moistuirisers on your face then simply ensure you don’t apply it anywhere near your lashes and it will be fine.

Note: It’s normal to lose around 3 natural lashes per day (if you’ve had extensions then these natural lashes will have extensions attached to them) – it’s not the extensions pulling out your natural lashes, it’s just a natural process of shedding and renewal that your body always does, and you’re only noticing because the extensions are much longer, fuller and more noticeable than when a natural lash falls without an extension which is so small that it’s nearly invisible.