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If you’re new to lashes, you’ve likely heard about infills but may not be sure what that involves. Your eyelashes have a natural shedding cycle so as one of your natural lashes falls out, your extension does as well. An infill is a touch-up appointment to refresh your extensions and make them look brand new again. It doesn’t take as long or cost as much as the original set – it simply replaces the lashes that have fallen out over time so that your extensions always look full and fresh. Here’s everything you need to know about lash infill/refill appointments. 

Lash infills refills

Be mindful of your natural lash cycle 

Each person’s lash cycle is different so we encourage you to be mindful of your natural lash cycle. We recommend booking infills every 2-3 weeks however, you may be able to wait longer for your infill or may even need to visit us a little sooner. You must have at least 50% of your lash extensions remaining at your infill appointment so we can achieve the full set look again. If you have any less than that, you’ll need an infill plus boost (around 75% of a full set) or if you don’t have any extensions left, you’ll need a full set. When you get to the six-week mark, most of your lashes would have naturally shed (with the extensions attached) so you’ll certainly need a new set.

Be consistent with your bookings

We pride ourselves on exceptional lash application. Our master lash technicians take extra care to glue one extension per healthy natural eyelash. This ensures your lashes remain healthy and last as long as possible. However, we do need you to work with us to keep them looking fresh. One way to do this is to remain consistent with your infill appointments. We encourage clients to see us for an infill every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking fresh and full at all times. 

Schedule infills in advance

At The Lash Spa, we’re lucky enough to have many regular clients who visit us every 2-3 weeks. We encourage every client to schedule infill appointments in advance so you never miss out. The easiest way to book is via our app – simply search ‘The Lash Spa’ in your app store or click here if you’re on your phone now. If you can’t find a suitable appointment time or prefer to chat to someone, you can call the salon during business hours and chat with one of our friendly coordinators.  

Keep up your aftercare

Everyone sheds lashes daily – with or without lash extensions, you lose around 2-5 lashes per day. One way to ensure they last as long as possible is to take great care of them. Every new client receives a welcome goodie bag which includes our gentle Lash Spa cleanser – use it every 2-3 days to give your lashes a deep clean. You can read more about our aftercare here. 

Lash infill aftercare

Whether you’ve booked in for a full set or an infill, every Lash Spa client receives a 5 star experience. You’ll be greeted with a refreshing drink and treat on arrival, guided to your private treatment suite and enjoy a lavender-infused hot towel before your appointment begins. We absolutely adore treating our clients and go above and beyond to make every lash appointment the highlight of their week.