Can you Wear Strip Lashes on Eyelash Extensions?

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Whether you have a costume party or special occasion coming up, sometimes it can be tempting to wear strip lashes on top of your eyelash extensions for a more dramatic look. As qualified lash artists, we strongly recommend you avoid doing this. 

But first, what are strip lashes? Strip lashes are a horizontal line of lashes attached to a fabric band – they’re applied with a removable adhesive and should only be worn for one day. 

Example of strip lashes

While strip lashes are a good alternative on their own – they shouldn’t be worn on top of eyelash extensions. Keep reading to find out why… 

They add too much weight

We assess the health of every client’s natural lashes before each appointment to ensure we aren’t overloading the natural lash with extensions they can’t support. The problem with adding strip eyelashes on top of your extensions is that it adds extra weight which hasn’t been accounted for. This extra weight can cause damage to your natural lashes.

The glue can stick your extensions together

Eyelash extensions are carefully applied to your individual lashes. At The Lash Spa, we isolate each individual lash and bond an extension directly to it. However, strip eyelashes (also known as fake eyelashes or fakies) are glued to the skin along your lash line. If you apply them correctly, it’s fine but more often than not, there is excess glue that can seep into your extensions causing them to clump together. This makes the removal of the strip eyelashes very difficult. 

Applying strip lashes

They can cause issues at your infill appointment

If you regularly wear eyelash extensions and have opted to glue strip lashes on top for a recent event, your lash artist will be able to tell at your next infill appointment. If they’ve caused too much damage with the excess glue, we may need to remove all of your lashes and apply a new set of lashes. 

Strip lashes are made from low-quality materials

Most strip eyelashes are often made from plastic or rubber and don’t look as natural as extensions. If you apply these heavier, synthetic materials over your fluffy eyelash extensions, it will put unnecessary strain on your natural lashes. This can cause them to be brittle and weak. At the Lash Spa, our eyelash extensions are the highest quality on the market which means you’ll achieve a natural look that makes your eyes pop.

If you have an event coming up that you want extra volume in your lashes for, talk to your lash artist. We can customise a look that’s perfect for the occasion – without causing any lash damage. Our master artists have lots of techniques to change up your lash style to suit any event.

Why Wearing Strip Lashes on Top of Eyelash Extensions is a Bad Idea

Even though you can wear strip lashes over your lash extensions, it is not a good idea. When you go to remove the strip lashes, your extensions and/or real lashes may stick to the adhesive and come out with the strip lashes.

Even if your lash extensions stay intact after removing your falsies, damage may have occurred, causing them to fall out prematurely the next day or so. Putting fake eyelashes over extensions can weigh them down and pull them away from the eyelid, making them more susceptible to shedding prematurely or even breaking.

If you have eyelash extensions, there are other things you should avoid in addition to strip lashes. These include:

  • Wearing mascara. While you can wear mascara with lash extensions, it’s not the best idea either. Mascara can make lash extensions clump together. You want to especially avoid oil-based mascara as it can jeopardize the integrity of the lash glue, increasing the risk for premature shedding.
  • Oil-based facial products. Oil can disintegrate the lash glue causing your lashes to fall out prematurely.
  • Lash curlers. Do not use a lash curler on dry lash extensions as this can pull them and cause them to fall out or break.
  • Hot treatments like steam baths, hot tubs, and saunas because heat can damage the lash extensions.
  • Keep shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products away from your lash extensions when showering. The best thing to do is wash and condition the hair with your head bent backwards to avoid any oils from running into your face.

Are Lash Extensions Better than Strip Lashes?

There are pros and cons to both lash extensions and strip lashes and every person will have a different opinion as to which are better.

One of the pros that make lash extensions more appealing than strip lashes is they last 4-6 weeks. The beauty of this is you don’t have to do anything! You can wake up each day with beautiful lashes that make your naturally gorgeous eyes stand out. This saves you a ton of time and ensures you always look beautiful, rested, and ready to go.

While strip lashes also give a finished and polished look, they only last one day and then you have to put them on again the next day. Dealing with the adhesive can be daunting, but with strip lashes, you decide when you want them on and when you don’t.

Lash extensions are great for vacations because they can get wet. Strip lashes should not get wet, however, as they can fall off if submerged in water.

How to Find the Right Eye Lash Extension Technician

If you are planning to get eyelash extensions, it is highly important to find a technician who has experience and will apply them properly. To prevent damage to your natural eyelashes, your extensions must be applied properly and carefully to each natural eyelash.

One of the best things you can do when searching for an eyelash extension salon is to read through all the reviews. First, you want to make sure they have reviews — this shows experience. You then want to read through the reviews to learn about other client experiences.

Another great way to find a lash technician is to ask around. If you know someone in your network who has great lash extensions, ask who they go to and for how long. Word of mouth referrals are always great resources!

Final Thoughts

If you have lash extensions, do not put strip lashes over them! Before getting lash extensions make sure you read reviews and ask around for recommendations. Once you find a great lash extension technician, make sure to spread the word and refer him or her!