Mink, silk and synthetic eyelash extensions – what’s the difference?

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When it comes to eyelash extensions, there are a variety of types available. You may have heard terms like mink, silk and synthetic eyelash extensions. But what’s the difference? Keep reading to find out a little more about each one and the types we use at The Lash Spa. 

mink silk synthetic eyelash extensions

For ethical reasons, we only use synthetic fibres that emulate real lashes at The Lash Spa. We are strongly against animal cruelty so avoid real mink lashes at all costs. However, the mink lashes we do offer are vegan and made from a PBT fibre. This means they’re thin and silky and look like real eyelashes, without the cruelty to animals. But what is PBT? PBT or polybutylene terephthalate, is a synthetic engineered thermoplastic. They’re gorgeous, soft and have a subtle sheen so your eyes pop, and they never lose their curl. 

We also offer silk eyelash extensions (made from PBT) which you’ll find are a slightly thicker lash that gives a more voluminous look. Our expert lash technicians will always take you through a thorough consultation upon your first visit to determine what lash type will work best for you. They take a myriad of things into account during this consultation such as your face shape, your eye shape and what kind of look you’re after. They’re then able to make a decision on what eyelash extension will work best for you. 

choosing which eyelash extensions

If you are going to visit a new salon, make sure you ask what type of lashes they use. If they use poor quality, cheap eyelash extensions, you will likely be disappointed with the results. These types of eyelash extensions can look broom-like and very fake. 

At The Lash Spa, we pride ourselves on natural-looking eyelash extensions that are vegan and cruelty free. It’s important to keep in mind that no matter which type you choose, proper care and maintenance are key to ensuring that your eyelash extensions look their best. Check out our aftercare tips here