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Life with new lash extensions can be tricky. We get a lot of questions about lash extension aftercare, and we know how overwhelming it can seem at first. It just seems like there are suddenly so many things to be aware of—like the way you sleep! 

Don’t worry. Lash extension maintenance isn’t too hard to figure out. In this article, we’ll cover a question I get a lot: “When I get lash extensions, do I need to sleep on my back?”

Q: Now that I have lash extensions, should I only sleep on my back?

A: Not necessarily! 

Most eyelash technicians will highly recommend sleeping on your back in order to protect your eyelash extensions from getting tugged at or pulled off in your sleep. 

See, when you sleep on your side or on your front, your face usually ends up rubbing against your pillow or bedcovers. Most pillowcase fabrics (especially cotton) and blankets have stray fibres that can tug at your lashes. And pressing your face against your pillow can flatten your eyelash extensions, deforming their natural curl or affecting the bond of the glue. 

We can generally tell when clients sleep on their side, and which side they favour based on what their lashes look like at their infill appointment. To them it seems like some sort of magic when we say “do you sleep on your right side?” – but it’s easy when you can see one eye has noticeably more extensions remaining than the other.

Q: Are there steps I can take to keep my lashes safe when sleeping?

A: Yes! 

We get it. There’s nothing quite like curling up on your side in comfy PJs. But don’t worry—there are other ways to keep your lashes safe during sleepy-time.

Eye Masks

At our self-care station, we offer pink 3D Lash Spa Eye Masks. These masks are one of the best ways to get a full night’s rest without compromising your new lashes. They have contours around the eye area specifically designed to protect your lash extensions. This keeps your lashes lush while keeping you fresh and well-rested.

lash extensions contour face mask

They’re perfect for travelling, too. Just pop them on during those long flights for some much-deserved beauty sleep. 

Just like any other eye mask, make sure you clean it regularly to avoid bacteria and other unwanted elements from developing.

Silk Pillowcase

Not much for eye masks? Then try switching out your regular pillowcase for a silk one! Unlike cotton, velvet, or linen fabrics, silk is smooth and totally forgiving. It won’t tug at your eyelash extensions, and there’s a better chance of your eyelashes just slipping to the side—instead of folding or flattening—when they’re smushed up against silk. 


If you’ve got a regular night-time skincare regimen, make sure you review your products’ ingredients. Oil-based cleansers and creams are a big no-no when you have eyelash extensions. Even micellar-water can loosen the bond of lash glue. They may feel great on the skin, but unfortunately, they’re also good at dissolving most lash glues. Switch to water-based products or oil-free alternatives. 

wash lash extensions before sleep

Doing these things will ensure you get your beauty rest, and when you rise your lashes are in tip-top condition.

Sleeping with Lash Extensions

Why the Pillowcase Matters

If you have a new fresh set of lashes, the last thing you want is for them to shed prematurely. Lash loss during sleep is mainly caused by friction against the lashes from pillowcases, blankets, and sheets. Changing your pillowcase can help ensure your lashes last more than just through the night!

Silk and satin pillowcases are the best options for lash extensions. Why? Well, because just as these types of pillowcases are best for our hair and skin, they are also best for our lashes. The silky fibers allow your lashes to slide on the surface while you sleep, instead of getting caught or tangled on cotton fibers.

Sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases carry many beauty benefits, including:

  • They help smooth frizzy hair by keeping static in check
  • Less friction helps your hair looking fresh and less “slept in”
  • The glossy smooth texture of a silk and satin pillowcase helps minimize friction that can cause facial wrinkles and hair breakage
  • Satin and silk are both less absorbent than other materials, keeping the skin hydrated while decreasing the risk for acne
  • Satin has been proven to be the best material to protect the pores, reducing the chance of acne and increasing hydration
What Pillowcase You Should Avoid Sleeping on with Lash Extensions

Your fresh set of lash extensions will thank you when you sleep on silk or stain! Classic cotton pillowcases can cause friction between your pillow and your eyes, resulting in premature shedding of the lashes. Cotton is also super absorbent, which can draw the moisture out of your lashes, making them dry and brittle.

Jersey-knit pillowcases are also a no-no for people with lash extensions. Even though jersey knit pillowcases are extra soft and comfy, they are not the best for lash extensions. The material does not allow the lashes to glide smoothly over the pillowcase, making them more susceptible to falling out.

Sleeping Habits to Break with Lash Extensions

While it may seem impossible to control the way we sleep at night, there are some habits we should try to break to keep our lashes intact. Sleeping habits to try and break if you are planning to get or already have lash extensions include:

  • Sleeping on your stomach. Even if you fall asleep with your eyes not touching the pillowcase, chances are if you are on your stomach you will end up with your face or lashes pushed into the pillowcase at some point.
  • Sleeping with your face smooshed into your pillow.
  • Wearing tight, constricting eye masks while sleeping. Even if your eye mask is silk, you should not sleep with an eye mask that is flush to your face.
  • Going to bed with wet lashes. Before you snuggle into bed, make sure your lashes are clean and completely dry. When lashes are wet, they become more fragile and are at an increased risk for falling out.
  • Try to avoid rubbing your eyes. If your go-to habit is to rub your eyes when you are getting sleepy, be aware of your lashes, and try to break this habit right away! Rubbing of the lashes is a for sure way of increasing the risk of them falling out.