Showering With Eyelash Extensions

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Showering With Eyelash Extensions

One of the questions we hear the most at The Lash Spa is “how soon can I shower?” and “can I get them wet”? If you’ve stumbled across this article and have the same question, stick around and you’ll learn everything you need to know about showering with eyelash extensions.

If you’ve had eyelash extensions applied in the past, you probably were told to keep your eyes completely dry and don’t shower for 24 hours after application. This is a little reminder that it’s crucial that you avoid coming into contact with steam or water around the eye area, especially within the first 24 hour period – because the glue hasn’t set yet.

By keeping your lashes away from water and steam – it will allow the lash adhesive to properly adhere to your natural lashes. While you don’t have to avoid having a shower altogether, it is definitely wise to have quick, steam-free showers. This is because the steam can actually loosen the glue bond, causing the extensions to slide off.

This rule also applies for the following weeks as steam always poses a risk for the adhesive. I know it’s tempting to spend 30 minutes in a scalding hot shower in winter, however, your little extensions won’t be able to handle it 🙁