Why We Love Meeting Clients With Damaged Lashes

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Okay, I know that the headline of this article sounds pretty weird but if you hear me out for a second, you’ll see why we love meeting clients with damaged lash extensions.

The client has seen the light…

FIRSTLY, we’re happy that they’ve finally realised that their old salon was causing damage to their precious natural lashes. We love having the opportunity to educate our clients on the safe application of lashes and only extending their lashes to what they can safely take.

Problems Bad Lash Salons Cause

We see some pretty horrific lash jobs from other salons, unfortunately. But as I said, we’re glad that the client has realised and has decided to start coming to a salon that cares about their lash health.

We can transform those damaged lashes and help restore them!

Another reason we love meeting clients with damaged lashes – we get to fix them! Generally, if the damage is extremely bad we will remove the old lashes, tell them to have a break from extensions while they treat their sad lashes with a lash conditioner (we recommend Revive7) and then come back when their natural lashes ready for new extensions.

We’d rather send a client away and do our best work when their natural lashes are healthy which leaves other salons speechless!

I’ve told other lash techs in forums before that we send clients away when they have damaged lashes and not everyone understands. Sending the client away without applying lashes = no profit for that appointment.

Honestly, we don’t care. We would rather our client have healthy lashes so we can do our absolute BEST work and show our beautiful clients how amazing eyelash extensions can look and feel. They should be soft to touch, comfortable to wear and look long, fluffy and full.

They should never feel spikey, hard or crunchy. We find that our clients are so appreciative that we actually care about their lash health that they become lifelong clients and loyal fans of The Lash Spa.

Thanks so much for reading and if you’ve got damaged lashes or currently have bad lash extensions, we are never going to judge you.

We understand that the client doesn’t know what’s going on during the application process and may think that eyelash extensions are the same everywhere.

Feel free to get in touch and we’ll help you fix your bad lashes. Can’t wait to meet you!

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