The Top 5 Eyelash Extension Styles (Kim Kardashian, Doll Eye…)

Eyelash Extensions aren’t a “one size fits all” beauty treatment..speaking of beauty treatment. Side note: make sure you check out the complimentary under-eye collagen treatment all my clients get!

There’s a process called ‘lash mapping’ that helps techs create the exact lash look that you’re after. As a master stylist, I can take one look at your eye shape and let you know exactly what lash style would look best.

Here are some celebrities wearing the different styles of extensions. I’ve also included a lash map below so you can see that it’s a little bit more technical than you might think!

So if you’re looking for baby doll, Kim Kardashian, natural, cat eye or open eye eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast then contact me today for an appointment!

Baby Doll Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

Natural Eyelash Extensions Melbourne

Open Eye Eyelash Extensions Melbourne