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[Disclaimer: This is a lash extension horror story that happened at another salon – not at The Lash Spa! Check out our google reviews here.]

Lash extension horror story:

You guys are loving these lash extension horror stories, aren’t you?

Thankfully this is a story that happened overseas so chances are you’re probably going to be safe in Australia. I have done plenty of eyelash extension repair jobs in my time which is how I have so many interesting horror stories to share. I now only work on my own clients because I just don’t have time for the repair jobs anymore.

After you’ve heard this story you’ll understand why I refuse to infill sets done by other salons. The quality just can’t be guaranteed and often the work required takes up more than one appointment space.

So back to the story….it was a regular Saturday morning at my salon on the Gold Coast and a new client was coming in at about 11 o’clock.

When she arrived I noticed that she was wearing her sunglasses inside. This was when I became suspicious that something was wrong with her lashes and she was trying to hide them.

She must have been around 20 or 21. Let’s just call her Rebecca for the sake of the story (I’d never reveal her real name!).  Rebecca told me she’d just returned from a trip to Bali and that’s where she had the extensions done.  She said her lashes were feeling really itchy and uncomfortable. She shyly lowered her glasses to reveal her lashes…

My god…it was honestly a struggle to keep my horrified reaction a secret. I felt my eyes grow wide and my face turn red – the poor woman’s lashes had been absolutely butchered.  Instead of individual extensions applied into each lash, she had big clumps and clusters of extensions. They had been slapped on with what must have been an entire container of glue.

Bad VS Good Lash Extensions

She said she knew something was wrong which is why she’d booked her appointment with me and they were so bad that I just couldn’t turn her away. I had to cancel my next appointment and spend 2 hours removing what had been done to her. After all the glue in extensions were finally removed, I noticed that her natural lashes were really tiny almost like stumps.

Rebecca told me that at the start of the appointment in Bali, they got a pair of mini scissors and started to trim her lashes. When questioned, they said it would make the extensions hold better. She didn’t know the best wasn’t normal so let them do it.

Thankfully lashes do grow back so it probably would have only taken a month or two for her lashes to look normal again.

I was able to apply a light set of mink extensions to make eyelashes look decent again. The reason I no longer do repair jobs is that I am worried that I could be held accountable for the damage that has already been done to the lashes. I’d rather steer clear of them completely.

It’s so important to do your research before you book is extensions in anywhere. Sadly the industry is unregulated in Australia which results in untrained people looking to make some “easy money”.

Avoid places if it sounds too good to be true or if you get a Groupon or some kind of heavily discounted set of lashes there’s a good chance that it’s a student practising on you or it’s somebody unqualified.

So many people out there love to hear these stories – I guess they’re pretty interesting so here are a few links to some other eyelash extension horror stories I’ve heard.

Make sure to check out my testimonials and before and after photos before you book an appointment. Feel free to contact me if you’re curious about lashes – I’ll be happy to answer any questions!