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So you’ve never had eyelash extension before but you want to try them out and don’t know what length to get? Never fear – by the end of this article you’ll know exactly what to ask for at your appointment.

Eyelash extensions are a little different to hair extensions – when getting hair extensions it’s normal to look up photos online of hair and make your length selection based on what you see in the photos. With lash extensions, there are limits to the length of lash extensions depending on the length of your natural lash.

Think of it like this…every client has a default lash length and their lashes will never grow longer than that length during their natural lash cycle (unless you’re using a lash growth serum).

Some clients have natural lashes that are quite short e.g. 8mm in length, they could have a sister or a mum with natural lashes that are 13mm in length. The client with 8mm length lashes has a smaller natural hair to work with which means the extension that we can apply needs to be shorter than the extension we could use on the woman with a 13mm natural lash.

If we put a really long extension on a short natural lash, it is likely to snap off or break which is a big no-no! We never want to cause your natural lashes any harm which is why we only apply extensions to the maximum length your lash can handle.

If you want to know what to ask for at your appointment, instead of researching what length to ask for, you need to be researching what volume of lash you want.

Natural Eyelash Extensions

If you want a light set of lashes that look natural like in the image below, you should ask your lash technician for  “natural looking lashes in classic, 3d or a hybrid of 3d and classic”.

If you want a medium set of lashes that looks a little bit more than natural, you can ask for “medium volume and length, a combination of 3d and 6d fans”.

If you would like your lashes to really stand out then you can ask for the lashes to be “as full and long as you can possibly make them without causing damage to my natural lashes”.

Cat Eye Lash Extensions Gold Coast

Always ensure that the salon applies only one extension per natural lash. Ask the technician on the phone if they apply one extension per lash – if they seem confused by the question then find a different salon fast!

Most reputable salons can guide you when it comes to making a decision about your eyelash extensions. They won’t expect you to know what you’re after and can help talk you through the different styles and options during your appointment.

At The Lash Spa, we always sit down with our clients and have a chat about your desired look before applying any lashes. We make recommendations based on your eye and face shape and can tailor your lashes to suit you perfectly.

We can’t wait to meet you!