Where to buy Latisse in Australia?

So you’ve got damaged natural lashes and need something to help repair them? Or you feel your natural lashes are a little on the short side and want to increase the length with a serum or lash conditioner?

You may have heard people raving about Latisse and here’s why…

Latisse is a popular eyelash serum from the United States that is FDA approved. It’s a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution (0.03%) that allows people to grow eyelashes. It increases lash length by slowing down the shedding cycle.

Latisse product image

So many people don’t know this but our lashes are constantly shedding and regrowing. An eyelash has a growth phase of about 6 weeks. By using Latisse you can extend the growth period so the lash keeps on getting longer and longer instead of falling out.

Funnily enough, Latisse was originally developed to treat the eye condition glaucoma – during the testing phase, patients noticed that an added positive side effect was beautiful, long lashes!

Scary side effect

Like every drug, there are some uncommon but possible side effects that Latisse users may experience and it sounds a little scary. The rarest side effect is that it can cause blue or hazel eyes to turn brown FOREVER!

Can you imagine seeing blue eyes in the mirror for 30 years and suddenly they’ve turned brown. That would be SO strange!

Why we don’t stock Latisse at The Lash Spa Australia

Firstly, Latisse is actually illegal in Australia and can only be purchased from America. So if you’ve absolutely got your heart set on it, maybe ask a friend to grab you a bottle on their next trip.

At The Lash Spa, we find that the side effect risk just isn’t worth the longer lashes. We would hate for our clients to use a lash conditioner and have their eye colour permanently changed.

It does sound like a great product if you don’t have an adverse reaction. A Latisse clinical study with 278 people found that participants gained 106% thicker lashes, 18% darker and 25% longer. So pretty great results overall.

Latisse eyelash growth serum

What lash serum/treatment do we stock?

We prefer to stock EyEnvy which has all the growth properties of Latisse but without the scary side effects…

It’s an exclusive salon-only brand that can’t be purchased online. However, we can post it express within Australia if you cover the postage cost (we put it in the mailbox on the same day you order as long as it’s before 7pm).

Here’s a little more about EyEnvy for those who want longer, thicker lashes from Australia 🙂