Why Longer Lash Appointments Don’t Always Mean Better Lashes

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Hi this is Melissa from The Lash Spa and today I wanted to talk to you about why longer lash appointments don’t always mean better lashes!

The number one reason why longer lash appointments don’t always mean better lashes is due to application time (the time it takes for the technician to place a lash extension on your natural lash). When you go to salons that have a lot of new technicians who haven’t been in the industry very long, it can take them 8 to 10 seconds to place one extension – whaaaat??

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Why does it take a beginner so long to place a lash?

Beginners use a special glue formulated for beginners which gives them 8 seconds before it dries – this allows them to reposition the lash as many times as they need to (quite often newbies can’t get the extension to sit straight). This is why you’ll often see people with wonky extensions that point in different directions – a telltale sign that they’ve been to a cheap salon.

I’m not here to badmouth beginner techs, we all have to start somewhere. Heck, even I was a beginner once – it’s just that as a customer paying for a service…you’d probably be pretty annoyed if you were paying full price for a haircut and had the apprentice hacking away at you.

Now when you go to an experienced technician (akin to a senior hairstylist), they can get one eyelash extension on your natural lash in 0.5-1 second and use glue that dries almost immediately.

This is why you’ll never find a beginner lash technician at The Lash Spa. We only hire master technicians with thousands of hours of experience to ensure that lashes can be placed quickly and precisely.

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Beginner lash techs:

  1. Can take up to three times as long to prepare the lashes for extensions
  2. Take longer to pick up an eyelash extension with their tweezers
  3. Take up to four times as long to isolate your natural lash
  4. Use glue that takes 8-10 seconds before it sets
  5. Often stick bottom lashes to the top ones and will spend more time rectifying problems

We never make you wait around

At The Lash Spa, we always book appointments with a gap in between each client. This allows our techs to change over linens, sterilise tools, have a stretch and prepare to greet the next client without making anyone wait around. This is why arrival times are so specific and important – get to your appointment on time ladies. It means more lashes for you! But that’s a story for another day 🙂

Clients have told us that other salons make them wait for up to 20 minutes as appointments are booked so back to back. The techs don’t have time in between clients and feel completely overworked meaning that they’re rushing through their customers – not a great experience for the client 🙁

Unhappy technicians mean a high staff turnover rate. This means more new, inexperienced staff coming through these salons.

We have had clients come to us and not really understand why our appointment time is short when they’re used to lashes taking 3 hours. Sometimes they’re a little misguided and feel like they are getting better value for money elsewhere because the total appointment time takes longer.

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These clients assume that application time is the same at every salon. Beginner lash techs generally take hours to complete a full set and master lash techs take 60 minutes.

I can totally understand the frustration about appointment times when it comes to other services such as massage – you’d be miffed if a spa gave you a 30-minute massage for the same price another salon gave you a 60-minute massage for.

Lashes are a totally different ball game – a shorter appointment time is ideal for our clients because we all know how busy life can get and wouldn’t you rather spend less time having lashes applied and more time doing something fun like spending time with your family, reading or going on a beach walk! …wow just realised all my suggestions of fun activities are a bit boring. I totally meant….cocktails with friends at rooftop bars and dancing the night away at a 90’s throwback party

How exactly does The Lash Spa apply lashes faster than other salons?

We are able to apply lashes quickly and efficiently because we use pre-made extension fans. This allows us to save time and get a cleaner, more uniform result. Handmade fans can be beautiful but they are very time consuming to produce.

The reason other salons make fans by hand is that it is much more affordable and allows them to maximise profits. Pre-made fans are expensive and deduct from profits greatly. However, we find our clients prefer to be in the salon for less time so would rather absorb this cost and have happier customers and happier techs.

As a busy working mum of two little ones myself, I simply couldn’t get lashes if the appointment times were so long!

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If you’re a busy person and want your lashes applied swiftly and with extreme precision by one of our master lash techs, get in touch today by using the booking form on the right or by phoning us on 0756 891 919