Will The Baby Doll Lash Extension Style Suit You?

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The thing that girls hate about makeup is that not everything we like, works! It can get really frustrating at times, but like any art form, it takes practice to be a pro on what looks good on you. Especially when it comes to lash extensions, it can be quite tricky.

Eyelash extensions do not only make or break your daily look, it also shortens your whole makeup routine. But if you pick the wrong style, the time and effort you’ll spend replacing it will be too much of a hassle.

Luckily, a lot of ladies swear by Baby Doll lash extensions. If you aren’t sure if this style will suit you, just read on to find out more about it!Why

The Baby Doll Lash Extension?

Doll Lash Extensions

 As its name implies, this eyelash extension helps you achieve a bright, “doll-like” set of eyes. The eyelash sets have longer lashes near the middle. Just look at doe-eyed baby dolls online and chances are, the lashes on them are similar to this kind of lash extension.

Who Can Wear Them?

Baby doll lash extensions focus on making your eyes appear round, bright, and larger than they seem. If you have exotic eyes, baby doll lashes will work perfectly for you.

If you have narrow eyes, then you can use this eyelash set to highlight your eyes and create a symmetrical yet glamorous look.

However, if you have a round set of eyes that are close together, we DO NOT recommend the use of baby doll lash extensions for you. The eyelashes will make your eyes look too big and alarming.

Celebrities Who Wear The Baby Doll Lash Extension Style

Baby Doll Eyelash Extensions

Megan Fox has beautiful narrow oval eyes. With a mid-thick baby doll lash set, her eyes are wider and more pronounced.

Jessica Alba’s eyes are small and narrow. However, with baby doll lash extensions, her eyes look bigger in most movies and even on her Red Carpet appearances.