Gold Coast Eyebrow Sculpting – Why You Shouldn’t Trust Just Anyone

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Where to go for Professional Gold Coast Eyebrow Sculpting

After conquering the world of eyelash extensions, The Lash Spa in Burleigh Waters has quickly become one of the Gold Coast’s leading brow salons. We believe that not all brows are created equal. Eyebrows can make a massive difference to your overall look and unruly brows can give the wrong first impression.

Social media has turned the brow industry upside down – gone are the days of pencil thin, over-plucked “90s brows” or as it is commonly called in the brow game “sperm whale brows”.

Perfect brows are full, thick and symmetrical. Quite often your brows are completely different from each other which means it takes a skilled professional to make them look the same as each other. There is a common saying in the brow world that “eyebrows are sisters, not twins”.

Gold Coast Eyebrow Sculpting

There’s no shortage of skilled eyebrow professionals on the Gold Coast but it is essential that you do a much research as you can in order to find someone qualified. It takes months for the hair to regrow if you have a bad brow job – always go for skill over price when trying to find a brow stylist.

Founder of The Lash Spa Melissa Bergen trained with one of Australia’s leading brow designers Melanie Jane of Browology in Melbourne and has brought the unique Henna brow techniques to her salon on the Gold Coast.

“I get obsessed with things and my latest obsession is brows. Coming from an interior design background, I have seen the importance for things to be symmetrical and brows are no different. If one brow looks higher than the other it really bothers me. I love the look on my client’s faces when they see their brows after we’ve corrected the shape and given them a fresh tint. I even spend my downtime looking at brows and lashes on instagram – it’s not normal”. – Melissa

Speaking of doing your research before trusting just anyone with your brows, here’s a link to our gold coast eyebrow sculpting gallery of before and after photos.

This photo below demonstrates the importance of symmetrical brows. Notice how the horizontal line at the top touches the exact same point on both sides? The bottom of the arch is also at the same height. It’s almost therapeutic to look at!

Perfect Brows Gold Coast