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When I first started out in the lash industry back in 2011 I had never really met anyone with anxiety before – well I probably had but just didn’t know about it.

Eyelash Extensions Anxiety

Anxiety is so common and now people are less afraid to talk about it – a step in the right direction I say! We have had many clients who experience anxiety and over the years we’ve seen clients develop a few coping mechanisms so that they’re able to lay still and relax through their lash appointment.

  1. Holding a water bottle 
  2. Bringing a stress ball to squeeze
  3. Holding one of our spare lash fans
  4. Asking the technician to explain what they’re doing
  5. Changing the music from spa music to something with lyrics so that they can shift their focus
preparing lash extension table

There are some salons that take 3 hours or more to apply a set of eyelash extensions. Thankfully here at The Lash Spa our master lash technicians are incredibly experienced and use the fastest drying professional glues which allows them to apply a full set of lashes in just an hour, so you’ll drastically reduce the time you’re feeling anxious.

Please let us know ahead of time if you suffer from anxiety – we will do everything we can to ensure you’re comfortable and have the most relaxing experience possible during your eyelash extension appointment.

Customer service and a positive experience for our clients is so important to us at The Lash Spa. Being in such a relaxing location (Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast) also provides a bit of respite from busy life. We’re a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Gold Coast beaches. 

Burleigh Beach near The lash Spa

We have clients who step off the sand, grab a coffee from Blackboard Espresso and walk to us for a chilled-out lash appointment.

Come and visit us at The Lash Spa for beautiful, long lashes that last up to six weeks. Add a brow sculpting session and you’ll save $10 too!

Booking is easy – get in touch on 0756 891 919 or to via our easy online booking form anytime