The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions – Do They Live Up To The Hype?

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If you’re a female in 2018 and haven’t heard of eyelash extensions, you’re either living under a rock (how’d you get wifi under that rock btw?) or you think everyone else has been blessed with beautiful naturally long lashes while you’ve got spindly stubs.

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The good news is that there are many benefits of eyelash extensions and they’re brought to you by a semi-biased source (a lash business owner). But, I am going to remove my business owner hat as I write this article and give you the benefits as a woman who has two kids and very little time.

The first thing I’d say to any busy mum is Get. Eyelash. Extensions. Stat.


I save so much time getting ready every morning and also removing mascara at night. I feel like it’s almost criminal to have more than one child and not have lash extensions.

Save time with eyelash extensions

They also make me look like I’ve had 8 hours sleep because they direct the attention away from the bags under my eyes and frame my eyes. Making them look brighter and more…awake. Lol.

The lash appointment itself is a bit of respite from the craziness of motherhood or just busy life in general. Think Lychee iced tea, a neatly wrapped little Ferrero Rocher upon arrival, calming spa music and a complimentary under-eye collagen treatment to smooth out any wrinkles.

Did I mention that you get to lay still and there’s no snotty noses to wipe or shouting? It’s pure bliss! I love my kids SO much – but I do need a little ‘me time’ once in a while. 

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Most of our clients chose lashes over massages for their pampering sessions – the reason being that a massage is over as soon as you leave the spa. Whereas eyelash extensions are going to be there brightening your day and making you feel pretty for weeks!

I forgot to mention that 90% of Lash Spa clients fall asleep during their appointment. So you wake up feeling totally refreshed and looking beautiful. For those reading this who live on the Gold Coast, we are located in Varsity Lakes which is a short drive down the Gold Coast Highway from Surfers Paradise. 

I don’t want to ramble on too much so I’m going to summarise the benefits of eyelash extensions now – these apply to those who don’t have kids too 🙂

  • Saves time applying mascara in the morning
    Gives you a youthful appearance (brighter eyes)
  • Saves time removing mascara
  • You can go swimming while still looking pretty. Long lashes and no panda eyes – yes, please!
  • Last for up to 6 weeks (infills recommended at the 3-week mark for those who want to maintain them)
  • Make you FEEL beautiful. Looking beautiful and feeling beautiful are two very different things. Somehow lashes just improve your confidence. Don’t ask me – it’s special lash fairy magic
  • The appointment gives you the opportunity to unwind
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So do they live up to the hype? Yes they do! If you’re on the fence then just dive in and do it – what do you have to lose? 

To book an appointment at The Lash Spa, phone us on 0756 891 919 or book online anytime here. Can’t wait to meet you!