Can I Bring My Kids To My Lash Extension Appointment?

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Are you a busy Mumma looking to treat yourself to some beautiful eyelash extensions?

You might be tempted to bring the little ones along – why waste your babysitting hours on something like lashes when you could be out doing something a little more fun – right?


Let me ask you this…

Would you take your kids to a day spa?

At The Lash Spa, we have crafted every moment of your experience to mimic visiting a proper day spa. We have tranquil music playing, aromatherapy filling the air, we apply luxury under-eye collagen pads that help you relax and totally unwind.

We don’t believe that total relaxation is possible when you have your kids with you. Your bottom eyelashes are taped down during your appointment and we ask for you to keep your eyes closed throughout the duration of the appointment.

but first lashes

Your eyes will be closed throughout the appointment

It is very hard to tend to the little ones when you have your eyes taped closed and can’t see. We do understand that sometimes your sitter cancels and you’ve already committed to an appointment so decide to bring them along – we are reasonable humans!

However, we do ask that if you have an option of coming to your lash appointment kid-free then please take it 🙂

lash extension treatment area

Eyelash extension salons have dangerous tools around.

Our salon is not a child-friendly zone by any means. We have sharp tools, boiling water, breakable cake stands, chocolates and lollies everywhere. Most of our clients have ended up frustrated and stressed trying to wrangle their kids while having their lashes applied and some left apologising profusely about chocolate stains on the armchairs.

At the time of writing this article – we are a small salon with no dedicated waiting area for your children. We have a consultation area where we talk to new clients about their lash extension requirements and it can be a little awkward and tricky for us if your children are in the seats and we have to ask you to move them.

Eyelash Extension Salon Bar Cart

Treat yourself to some “me” time and find someone to watch the kiddies!

I’m a mum of two myself and from parent to’ll be happier if you can come and totally relax and unwind without your babies at your lash appointment.

We can’t wait to meet you!