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EyEnvy has become wildly popular since mid 2023 when the American manufacturer closed down leaving the remaining stock in Australia as the last stock that will ever be sold. 

However, since shutting down the stock in salons has become increasingly difficult to find as they have quickly been bought out by customers. Many salons only had a supply of 10-50 units, and once news spread of the closure those units were snapped up.

Fake EyEnvy on eBay

Previously the Australian EyEnvy distributor was responsible for ensuring that supplies of EyEnvy were only sold by reputable salons around Australia and making sure that stock was not sold online or via marketplaces such as eBay to ensure the legitimacy of stock and give customers confidence that the EyEnvy that they were using was authentic, effective and safe.

However, since the Manufacturer closed the Australian distributor has ceased its tracking of where EyEnvy is being sold since they themselves aren’t distributing it to suppliers any longer. This has led to a massive influx of fake EyEnvy being sold on marketplaces such as eBay and Facebook marketplace at lower than the RRP.

We urge customers to be careful and suspicious when buying through eBay because the wholesale price of EyEnvy previously was $90 for suppliers so when you see it on eBay for $90 (meaning there would be $0 profit in it, and they would in fact be losing money after paying eBay their 10% sales fee) it simply has to be fraudulent products shipped over from China as a cheap knock-off of the real product. The titles and descriptions of the fake EyEnvy we’ve seen always say things like “authentic”, or “brand new in box” etc – and they’re often coming from a very new eBay account with little sales history and very few reviews (since their accounts are regularly getting banned).

The EyEnvy Australian distributor used to spend a large portion of their time getting those accounts selling fake EyEnvy shut down and banned by sending them warning letters from lawyers and even taking it further to actual legal proceedings. But since the distributor has ceased selling the accounts are now springing up.

When you’re ordering on eBay you’re likely getting a whitelabel product from AliBaba which you can see by clicking here – You’ll see that the product costs under $3 and is in our opinion a copy of EyEnvy (even using many of the photos from their marketing materials).

If you’re looking to find EyEnvy we suggest ordering only through reputable beauty salons within Australia. As time goes on there will be less and less stock available through salons, and eventually it will be all sold out, but we would advise never ordering through an eBay seller because even though you may be saving some money, you’re also likely getting a product that’s doing absolutely nothing for your lashes, and could indeed be a product not safe to use around the eye area.

As of the writing of this article, we at The Lash Spa still have some stock of EyEnvy, and it is from the final batch that was shipped to Australia (so is as fresh as is possible).

UPDATE: We’re now all sold out and looking for a good alternative that can compare to the amazing EyEnvy Results

UPDATE 2: We’ve now found a replacement for EyEnvy, made by the same company with similar results, but fully compliant with Australian regulations called Revive7.

If you’d like to place an order for the EyEnvy replacement Revive7 then give one of our friendly salon coordinators a call on 0756 819 919 – we ship Australia-wide. Or come into our Varsity Lakes salon to pick it up.