Can I Still Go To The Beach With Eyelash Extensions?

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Are you visiting the Gold Coast and thinking about having eyelash extensions applied? You probably don’t want to sacrifice a magical day at the beach with your friends and family to treat yourself to some pretty new lashes…

beach with eyelash extensions

Here’s the good news!

You can get eyelash extensions and go to the beach on the same day. Here’s what you need to do to combine your luxury beauty treatment with a fun-filled beach day.

  • Have your lashes applied in the morning or at some point before you go to the beach
  • Keep sunscreen away from your lashes
  • Wear a hat instead of applying anything oily such as tanning oils or sunscreen close to your eyes
  • Keep on top of any sweat before it gets to your lashes by dabbing your face with a towel often
  • Go to a salon that uses a nano-mister to cure the glue after lash extension application (The Lash Spa on the GC obviously!)
  • Don’t get your lashes wet – just keep that pretty face of yours above water
  • Warn your friends and family that they’ll have hell to pay if they splash your lashes!
lash technician at work

Can I swim in salt water with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you definitely can. Just not on the same day the lashes are applied! Remember, you need to keep your lashes dry for up to 24 hours after application (your lash technician will explain all the aftercare at your appointment). After the lashes have set properly, you can treat them as normal lashes (other than avoiding oil).

You are able to swim in chlorinated pools, freshwater lakes and saltwater! Being a Gold Coast salon, we quite often do the lashes of professional surfers before competitions. That way they can step out of the ocean and look effortlessly beautiful – somehow lash extensions can make you look like you’ve got a full face of makeup on. Don’t ask me how it works – it’s lash fairy magic!

eyelash extensions blue eye

Eyelash extension appointment + beach = totally fine!

Long story short, yes you can go to the beach with your lashes as long as you follow these rules:

  1. Don’t get the lashes wet
  2. No sunscreen or products on the lashes
  3. Lashes in the morning, beach for the rest of the day 🙂
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