“I accidentally got my new eyelash extensions wet – what should I do?”

We’ve ALL been there before. You have had a sparkly new set of gorgeous lash extensions applied and out of habit you’ve hopped in the shower and exposed them to steam. Or even worse..you’ve popped your head straight under the shower jet – soaking your pretty new lashes!

eyelash extensions shower

Don’t stress – this is something that happens all the time. The main thing is to make sure you are honest with your lash tech and let them know that the lashes were in contact with water during the curing process.

Sometimes it will be totally fine if the glue had already set and you won’t lose lashes prematurely – but sometimes the lashes will fall out quickly due to something called “shock curing”.

What the heck is shock-curing?

I don’t want to get too scientific with you here so I’ll explain it as simply as I can. I could go on all day about lash glue and how exactly you need to treat it so that it works at it’s best…but I won’t bore you!

The lash glue used to apply your lashes draws moisture from the air slowly over a 24 hour period in order to cure (set). The glue can dry faster between 4-12 hours in cases where a nano-mister was used. (We use a nanomister at The Lash Spa).

eyelash extension nano mister

If you accidentally exposed the lashes to water before you were supposed to – the glue is overloaded with moisture and dries IMMEDIATELY. This means that the lash extension hasn’t formed a bond properly with your natural lash and causes it to fall off.

Can’t I just call my lash tech and tell them the lashes will fall out – then they’ll have to fix them for free?

Technically yes, you could do that. But….I wouldn’t and here’s why:

  • It is very obvious to a tech when your lashes have fallen out after being exposed to water
  • The tech likely fix your lashes and out of politeness BUT they will probably never rebook you again
  • You could arrive at the appointment to have them fixed and as soon as your lash technician sees your lashes have fallen off due to contact with water they will charge you for a full set – it can make things very uncomfortable for both parties

Wet Eyelash Extensions Falling Out

Here’s what you SHOULD do:

  1. Don’t panic – they may still survive
  2. Wait to see if the lashes fall out prematurely
  3. If they do fall out, contact your tech and be honest “Hey [name], I’ve accidentally showered with my lash extensions on. Would you have any time this week during a quiet period to touch them up for me? I’m happy to pay”.
  4. Wait for your tech to respond. If this happened to our clients, we’d offer them a discounted appointment in a quiet time as a gesture of goodwill

Wet Lash Extensions Falling Out

As a lash tech, I am begging you to please just be honest and let us know what’s happened if you do get your lashes wet in the curing period. We will know anyway when we see your lashes and would rather avoid awkward conversations.

It’s pretty stressful when clients do this quite often we receive these messages after-hours which can really affect our personal life.

We always appreciate honesty and do understand that these things can happen. Most techs will offer you a discounted appointment to help you out. Do understand that this is our livelihood. We want to look after our clients so will always help when we can! 🙂