Why Lash Extension Aftercare Isn’t an Upsell at The Lash Spa

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At The Lash Spa, we believe that aftercare for your lash extensions is half of the service. We apply you with everything you need to keep your lashes on until they shed naturally (read about lash shedding here).

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Why we don’t sell lash shampoo – we gift it

Clients have told us that at previous salons they were sold a foaming cleanser to keep their lashes clean. We don’t believe in up-selling a product that will help keep lashes lasting as long as possible because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Here’s our thinking…

If we didn’t provide clients with safe products to use on their pretty new lash extensions, they may get confused about what products they can/can’t use. It’s pretty likely they’ll continue to use their regular makeup removers and this ends up being disastrous!

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How is it disastrous you ask?

Well, products that contain oil or glycol are the enemy of eyelash extensions – causing them to fall out prematurely.

So clients will lose their lashes faster which costs them more money. Eventually, the financial investment just isn’t worth it anymore and they stop coming altogether.

At The Lash Spa, we gift every new client a bottle of our specially formulated foaming cleanser. It’s for shampooing your lashes and stripping any oil, built-up dirt and makeup from the extensions so that the glue bond is protected.

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How to use the special eyelash extension shampoo

The best way of keeping your lashes lasting as long as possible is to use this special lash shampoo 2-3 times per week. Simply keep it in your shower so you don’t forget!

Happy clients keep coming back and we just love making our clients feel absolutely beautiful with longer, fuller lashes.

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