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Summer is right around the corner! It’s the season of beach days, pool parties, sunset BBQs and beautiful balmy weather. Your social calendar is generally more full during the festive season which makes eyelash extensions an absolute must for summer. With full luscious lashes, you’ll be ready to face the day with minimal effort! Keep reading for our top tips to take care of your eyelash extensions in summer. 

Summer eyelash extensions beach

Apply sunscreen carefully

One of the most important accessories in summer is sunscreen. Try to avoid spray on sunscreens and opt for an oil-free sunscreen for your face. If you don’t have any oil free sunscreen, take extra care when applying sunscreen around your lash area. 

Pre-book your infill appointments 

Did you know in summer your hair and lashes grow faster! Your body temperature increases in summer which causes hair to grow faster. When hair grows faster, it also sheds faster too. So keep in mind that summer lash shed is perfectly normal! If you’re worried, consider booking your infill appointment a little earlier than you normally would – that way, your lashes are full and lush for every summer event. 

Have blotting paper on hand

Your lash extensions don’t like sweat, oil or humidity – which are all staples of summer! This doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors during those hot, steamy days – simply have some blotting paper on hand to dab away any sweat around your eye area. Ensuring your lashes are clean after you sweat is a big help. If you don’t have blotting paper, rinse your eyelashes with fresh water after you workout. 

Rinse lashes after swimming

Both chlorine and saltwater can affect lash retention. When you’re swimming, you can either use goggles or keep your lashes out of the water. If that’s not an option because you absolutely love the water (like us) – just make sure you rinse your lashes with fresh water once you finish swimming. To remove the excess water, gently pat your lashes dry and then brush through with a lash wand. The main thing to avoid is letting chlorine or saltwater dry on your lashes. Keeping them rinsed and clean will extend the life of your beautiful lashes.

Avoid direct heat

Summer means more beach BBQs and more parties! This means you may be spending more time cooking, baking or barbecuing with your friends and family. Be mindful of steam and heat directly hitting your lashes – try to avoid direct heat to ensure it doesn’t affect or break down the lash adhesive. 

Ensure you keep your lashes clean

This tip applies all year round! Great lash aftercare is extremely important. At The Lash Spa, every new client is equipped with a complimentary aftercare goodie bag to ensure they know how to properly care for their lashes. Use an oil-free makeup remover, gently cleanse your lashes every few days and brush them with a lash wand. Below you’ll find our golden rules for aftercare. 

Clean lash extensions in Summer
  • Keep the lashes dry and free from moisture for 24 hours after application
  • Do not tug, pull or twist the extensions
  • Comb the lashes in the morning using a Lash Spa detangling brush or your bamboo lash wand
  • Cleanse the lashes regularly every 2-3 days
  • Pre book appointments so you don’t leave it too long between infills

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