Classic vs Volume: Picking the Right Eyelash Extension Type for You

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You’re ready to get your lashes done, and you seem to have found the perfect style—only to see another style that seems better. With all the choices available for lashes, how do you really pick the right one for you?

One thing’s for certain: eyelash extensions are there to help you make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and enhance their beauty. They’re also very convenient; you won’t need mascara if you have lash extensions, and you can say goodbye to frequent retouches and the dreaded panda eyes.

Prior to setting an appointment with a lash tech, there are five things that you need to consider: lash thickness, type, lash style, the curl, and the length of the extensions.

To help you start off your lash journey, I’ll focus on lash styles, which I’ve narrowed down to two choices: classic and volume.

classic vs volume lash extensions

Classic Lash Extensions

When we say “classic”, we refer to the application technique itself. Classic lash extensions are done when one extension fibre is applied to one healthy, natural lash with a 1:1 ratio. This choice is ideal if you’re either looking to enhance your natural look or to add more length.

You’ll be able to enjoy a fuller look even without the aid of mascara since your lashes will look longer and filled in while still looking more “natural”, since the extensions will mainly emphasize your natural lashes. If you’re new to the wonderful world of lash extensions, choosing classic lash extensions is a great way to start to see if it’s something you’d like to maintain or treat yourself to for a special occasion—like a wedding.

Volume Lash Extensions

As the name suggests, this type specifically adds volume. Volume or 3D lashes refer to the newer method of lash extensions. Here, multiple fans, or 2-10D, are applied to each natural lash. The “D” in 2-10D refer to the number of lashes that each fan has, so if you’re going for 2D, think of a 1:2 ratio. The same thing goes for 3D, which has a 1:3 ratio.

Very thin, fluffier lashes are used in this method to avoid adding excess weight to your natural lashes while still giving you that fuller, glam look. This style is perfect for individuals who have sparse or balding lashes but want them to look nice and full. If you also want to get a more dramatic look, this style is perfect for you.

Best Lash Technicians Gold Coast

Whatever lash style you go for, make sure that you set an appointment with a trusted professional lash technician.

At the Lash Spa, we do high-quality lash extensions that don’t clump nor use too much glue to minimize the chance of irritation. We also use pre-made lash fans to give you a uniform and more even look. You’re in good hands with our master lash technicians, and guarantee that whether it’s your first-time getting lash extensions or not, you’ll have a smooth, worry-free pampering to enjoy.