Is Getting a Full Set of Eyelash Extensions Necessary?

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We all shed lashes daily, and lose around two to five lashes with or without any lash extensions. While some lash loss may lead to unsightly gaps, does it mean that you’ll need a full eyelash extension set even if you have a couple of lashes left?

It’s like this: typically, lash extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on the full growth cycle of your lashes. Note that this is only a rough estimate and that lash loss depends on your natural lash cycle and lash aftercare. And this is also how long it will be until your very last lash extension sheds.

Eyelash Growth Stages

Say you decide to get lashes. You may lose around 21 per week – so that’s 21 lashes during the first week. Week 2 you’ll have lost around 42, while come week 3, you could have lost around 63.

Each person’s lash cycle is different, which is why we recommend doing infills every two to three weeks to keep your lashes thick and even-looking. Take note, however, that at the Lash Spa, we only consider doing infills if our clients have at least 50% of their lash extensions remaining. Any less than that and you’ll either need an infill plus boost (which is like 75% of a full set) and if you’ve got basically nothing left, then you’ll need a full set. When you get to the six-week point, most of your lashes would have naturally shed so you’ll certainly need a new set.

Full Set Eyelash Extensions

Remember that each extension is ideally attached to a single eyelash. It’s normal that they’ll fall out naturally with each individual lash cycle. The haphazard application of lashes can cause them to clump or fall out sooner, or even stay in for longer since multiple natural lashes could be stuck together, so if you’ve got a clump of glue that’s sticking 5 natural lashes together, and 4 have naturally shed, they’ll still be glued to that one remaining lash but putting a lot of strain on it and cause it to get ripped out of your eyelid (this is how lash damage happens at bad salons) but at the Lash Spa, you won’t have to worry about your lashes falling out prematurely. Our master lash technicians take extra care to glue one extension per healthy natural eyelash. This way, we can help ensure that your natural lashes won’t get damaged as much as possible and maximize the time that your lashes will look great.

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