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Want to read a hilarious eyelash extension horror story?

NOTE: This story did not happen at The Lash Spa! 

Some people run a mile when they hear that a beauty business is being from a house and I can totally understand why.

I’ve heard some really terrible stories of home beauty salons and here’s the one I tell the most…

The funniest story that I can recall (this is one I tell so many people about) is when one of my regular clients went to a competitor’s “home salon” while I was away on holidays once. When I got back she seemed so relieved and told me about the horrible experience she’d had.

She said she walked into a home that was absolutely filthy. Get this…the beauty therapist had cats running everywhere!! My poor client had to lay in this woman’s living room on her couch that was covered in crumbs.

Just as the appointment was starting, the woman’s cat jumped up onto the couch and started walking all over my client. The last tech said, “I hope you like cats, you don’t mind do you?”.

Not wanting to be rude, my client said she didn’t mind. In reality, she was allergic to cats! She lay their sneezing for an hour with a huge fat cat sleeping on her stomach lol!

She said the cat was so fat and heavy that her back was sore for days afterwards. Surprisingly she didn’t get an eye infection. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of her other clients weren’t so lucky.

Hygiene is very important – especially when it comes to your eyes.  I always make sure that all my tools are freshly sterilised and keep them in a UV tool sterilizer in between clients. It will be very obvious when you step into my salon that attention to detail and cleanliness are extremely important to me.

My home salon is basically like any regular salon so it doesn’t feel like you’re laying in my living room. I have a dedicated extension on my house that has been converted into a cute lash studio and professionally designed. Here are some photos so you know what to expect:

My dream is to eventually have a studio in a commercial space but for right now my home salon is working really well and my clients love it because quite often they can book after-hours appointments.

It seems like my blog readers love to hear these eyelash extension horror stories. Here are a couple of links to other stories I’ve shared.

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