How Your Natural Lashes Affect Your Lash Extensions

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We help our beautiful clients unleash their lash potential, every single day. It brings us so much joy when a client walks out feeling completely relaxed with gorgeous, lush lashes. However, no two lash clients are ever the same! The desired outcome of your lash extensions depends on your natural lashes too. Keep reading to find out how your natural lashes affect your lash extensions. 

clean eyelash extensions

There are a number of reasons why your natural lashes can affect how your lash extensions are applied. An experienced lash technician should inspect your natural lashes before any lashes are applied. This consultation will help determine what look they’ll give you during your treatment. 

The health of your natural lashes 

If your natural lashes are weak, they won’t be able to handle much weight on top – in this case, light lashes will be applied. We apply classics or very fine 3D lashes on our clients who have weaker natural lashes. Alternatively, if your natural lashes are strong and healthy, we can apply heavier lashes for a more voluminous and glamorous effect. 

How clean your lashes are

If you’ve visited The Lash Spa, you’ll have heard us talk about the importance of lash aftercare. This is such an incredibly important part of having great lashes. It helps your extensions last longer but most importantly, it protects the health of your natural lashes so they can thrive. You can read about proper lash aftercare here. 

How to clean eyelash extensions

The oil content of your natural lashes

Before your lash application, one of our expert lash technicians will inspect your lashes to determine whether they are naturally dry or naturally oily. The application is then tailored to suit each client’s lash conditions. For example, we have different lash primers to target different lash types for optimal retention.

Whether you use a lash serum

Just like your hair, your lashes need to be conditioned too. There are many lash serums on the market to choose from. We recommend Revive7 Lash Growth Serum because we’ve seen incredible results among dozens of clients who use it. Your lashes will grow longer, fuller and more quickly with Revive7. This will ensure your natural lashes remain strong and healthy – so we can apply incredible extensions on top.  You can order Revive7 by calling us on 0756 891 919 or visiting us in our Varsity Lakes salon.

And now for the big question, do lash extensions damage your natural lashes?

When applied by a trained technician and correctly, no they do not. At The Lash Spa, we undertake a thorough consultation before every client’s appointment begins – to ensure we are applying lash extensions that your natural lashes can support. 

Natural lashes and extensions

The best part? You will enjoy every aspect of your treatment at The Lash Spa. We’ve curated a 5-star experience that we’ve become famous for. From a welcome glass of sparkling or iced tea to sweet treats, luxurious private rooms and complimentary add-ons – you’ll leave us feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated (and with beautiful lashes!). We look forward to seeing you soon.