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Are you sitting there reading this article with a set of disappointing brows weighing you down? Admit it…you cheaped out and went somewhere a little bit dodgy to save a few pennies.

You laid down, closed your eyes and hoped for the best…eyebrow waxing is pretty easy, right? It will all be ok….right??

You opened your eyes, looked in the mirror and your heart sank. Somehow your unruly brows from before looked a million times better than the deflated caterpillars you’re seeing now.

The good news is that it’s not going to be forever…the bad news is that it will still be a little while until they grow back.

bad eyebrows

So how long will it take for my dodgy eyebrows to grow back?

If you’re pretty young (prepubescent) you’re looking at about 65 days which is roughly 9 weeks for them to fully regrow.

For an adult, it will take slightly less time at 8 weeks. If you’re around 60+ you’re looking at 10.5 weeks for them to grow back.

I haven’t had my brows done yet but I’m thinking of going to my local nail salon – is this a good idea?

I don’t mean to be rude but hellssss to the NO! This is a terrible idea! Eyebrow sculpting isn’t a service to scrimp and save on. Save that for something like waxing where as long as the hair comes off the job is pretty much complete.

Where to get the best brows on the Gold Coast?

Well, we are clearly a little bit biased but we believe we offer some of the best brows on the Gold Coast. Don’t just take our word for it – Urbanlist can confirm (check out this article for proof)

Ask us about our ombre brow technique

The Lash Spa has am ombre brow technique that will truly lift your brow game. We shape the edges of the tint on both brows and then wipe only the front of the brows (about 1cm).

Gold Coast Eyebrows

Then using a micro-brush, we fade the edges of the line towards the front of the brow to create an ombre effect. We ensure the top and bottom line of the brow is totally straight.

The tint is left on for another minute or so depending on your natural brow colour and the type of look we’re going for. Then we remove the tint using wet cotton pads to reveal amazing, freshly tinted ombre brows.

Best Brows Gold Coast

So if you’re sitting there, pencil-thin brows and a feeling of dread – knowing that you’ve got around 2 months until your brows are back, never fear. Here’s what you should do…

3-Step Plan to Full, Celebrity Brows on the Gold Coast

  1. Invest in a good brow pencil and look up some youtube tutorials on how to pencil your brows properly
  2. Call us at The Lash Spa and make an appointment for a professional brow sculpt in 8 weeks time
  3. Do not pluck, tweeze or touch those brows. We need them as full as possible for your appointment

There you have it – you must feel better now that there’s a plan right?

Get in touch today by calling 0756 891 919 or using the contact form on this website. Can’t wait to meet you 🙂