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Is it your first time booking an appointment at The Lash Spa? We’re so glad and excited that you have chosen us to do magic on your lashes and we can’t wait to meet you.

Here at The Lash Spa, we know that skill and expertise aren’t the only important things that make a great lash salon. We are in the business of making our clients look and feel good. We make it our goal to make our customers feel comfortable. And it’s not just after a makeover session, but right from the moment, you step through our doors.

Lash spa salon reception

A clean environment and reliable staff members are the standards of any lash salon. But The Lash Spa strives to go the extra mile by providing a welcoming and relaxing setting for its clientele. We also know that above all this, communicating with our clients is very important.

As a customer, you have every right to be informed of all the products used and even all the steps of every procedure. At The Lash Spa, we want to make sure that our customers know what to expect during their visit.

Welcome Drinks

We do greetings a little bit differently at The Lash Spa because a simple “Hello!” isn’t enough. So we also offer welcome drinks to all of our visitors, because there’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of our special lemon iced tea and Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Gold Coast Lashes and Brows

Stunning Reception Area

Take a seat in our gorgeous reception area, complete with a full-size vintage pink phone booth and floor to ceiling floral wall. Lounge in our tufted velvet chairs and help yourself to some candy from our lolly bar until your appointment time. At that time, one of our bubbly, friendly team members will come out of their previous treatment to greet you.

As of November 2019, we don’t have a receptionist on the counter due to the budget constraints of a small business. Please bear this in mind, we keep our appointments running on time so you won’t be waiting long!

[2020 Update – we now have a receptionist on the counter at all times we’re open to help you out and make your experience even better!]

You Enter Your Treatment Room

Your technician will come out and you’ll be warmly greeted by them – you will be guided to your own plush treatment room where iced tea, chocolate and a hand-written welcome note will be waiting for you.

Style Consultation

Whether it’s your first time at our spa or a regular customer, we always offer a lash style consultation. We understand that picking the right style can be quite challenging, especially for beginners. Even if eyelash extensions are only semi-permanent, it’s still not as easy as taking off your mascara after making a mistake.

We also know that it’s tough to find a style that suits your natural eye shape. Synthetic eyelashes come in different sizes, which may be confusing for customers to choose from. Allow us to help you find a style that fits your personality and personal tastes as well.

During the consultation, you may also discuss with us some concerns you may have about the procedure. And if you have an event you are prepping for, do let us know! We can help you style your lashes for that specific event, too.

Lash Extension Consultation

Under Eye Treatment

While laying down, we will apply collagen under-eye treatment to prep for the actual eyelash extension procedure. The collagen treatment is used to reduce any lines, puffiness or redness in the under-eye area. It will also give your eyes its much-needed rejuvenation.

Lash Extension Treatment

There are many benefits to using collagen treatment. Not only does it nourish and rehydrate the skin, and its cooling effect can also help your muscles relax during the procedure.

Lash Application

Once the collagen treatment has been applied, the next step is to apply the lashes. Our lash technician will carefully place them according to the style you’ve chosen during the consultation.

One session would normally take around 60 minutes to complete. Meanwhile, infills are considered to be similar to a half set and they would usually take about half an hour to be completed. It may sound like a very difficult process, but not to worry! Simply relax, enjoy the comfortable environment and let your eyelash technician do all the work.

You’ll find your treatment extremely relaxing due to the plush, thick foam on our locally made treatment tables (made by firm’n’fold here on the Gold Coast in Burleigh). We have thought of everything – even velvety soft memory foam contour pillows with neck support so you can drift off during your treatment. 

Lash Spa Services

Lash Tape Removal

Once the application has been finished, the lash tape is then carefully removed. This is when we have a great reveal of the finished product – our personal favourite step of the whole process. Clients are able to see their new look in the mirror. No matter how many procedures we’ve done in the past, it still never fails to inspire us whenever we see how happy our clients are.

Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Something to Take Home

Even though we know how excited you are to show your new lashes to the world, we’re not letting go of you just yet. All our clients also get a small gift bag filled with treats, a lash cleanser and professional advice on how to make your lashes last as long as possible.

Perhaps you can say that our work is never truly over – even after you’ve left the spa, we want to ensure you that your lashes are still in good hands. If you have any concerns after that, just know that we are a call away!

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