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Let me’ve booked yourself in for some eyelash extensions and totally forgot what the lady said on the phone. The appointment is TOMORROW and you have no idea how to prepare. Good news – I’ve got you covered…

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Preparing for your eyelash extension appointment is pretty simple. Follow these three steps to be ‘lash ready’ in no time!

  1. Shower and wash your hair before your appointment – morning of is fine It’s not essential to wash your hair, we just recommend it if you’ve got an event coming up so you don’t feel the need to shower after the appointment. All you have to do is keep the lashes totally dry and away from moisture for 24 hours after application (while the glue dries)
  2. Go to the appointment without eye makeup on.Removing eye makeup is going to take time away from your appointment and result in you having less lashes when you leave. The easiest thing to do is come to the appointment without any eye makeup on!
  3. Arrive to your appointment on time.

    This one is pretty obvious – of COURSE, you’re going to arrive on time. Right? And what difference will it make if you’re 5-10 mins late….right?
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    Wrong! Arriving late to your lash appointment puts stress on your technician as appointments at lash salons run on strict schedules. If you’re late, your appointment will still finish at the allocated time and you will end up with less lashes.
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Ensure you arrive to your lash appointment right on schedule so that the day runs smoothly!

There you have it – 3 simple steps that will prepare you for your lash appointment.

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