Warning against Mobile Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast

There’s a few pretty important reasons you need to avoid mobile eyelash extensions and I’m here to break it down for you..

Did you know that there’s a bit of a science when it comes to lash extension and the adhesive that is used to apply the lashes? For the glue to work at it’s best (or even at all) the lashes need to be applied in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

Eyelash Extension Humidity

Professional lash salons use equipment such as hygrometers, humidifiers and keep the climate cooled to the correct temperature. So unless you’ve got your living room set to 60% humidity and 23 degrees, the lashes are unlikely to last.

It’s pretty frustrating for you to spend hundreds on a set of lashes and have them fall out the next day. It’s a hassle for you to have to call the tech back up and try to get them back out to your place – especially if you have an event on.

eyelash extension nano mister

We take the science of lashes so seriously that we use nano mist technology to keep your lashes lasting as long as possible

There’s also an insurance risk if you invite someone into your home to do household work. The government advises the public to take ‘Household Worker Work Cover Policies’ which will cover any expenses incurred if someone comes to your house and sustains an injury.

Mobile eyelash technicians are generally just starting out which is why they aren’t in a salon yet. If you don’t mind lashes that take longer and don’t give optimal results, then you could give mobile eyelash extensions a try.

The Lash Spa in Burleigh Waters is a ‘retreat’ and an escape from everyday life. We have created the perfect environment that is incredibly tranquil and inviting. Here’s what you can expect at an appointment with us [insert ‘what to expect at your lash appointment] article

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We believe that your lash appointment should be an escape from everyday life. Our clients love the little touches such as our treat cart & lychee iced tea upon arrival

We totally understand that sometimes you just cannot go to a salon for your lashes for a variety of reasons and need a mobile eyelash extension appointment. Just be warned that your lashes may not last as long.

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