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The TRUTH – Fact-checked information (December 2022)

UPDATE (Dec 5th 2022): EyEnvy has been discontinued worldwide and we at The Lash Spa sold out shortly after due to high demand. We’re now on the lookout for something that compares

Update 2024: EyEnvy has been replaced by Revive7 – made by the same company with similar results but fully compliant to Australian regulations. Our clients have been using it for over a year with very impressive results. To place an order give our friendly salon coordinators a call on 0756 891 919 or visit our Varsity Lakes salon to pick it up in person.

The information below is now a bit outdated but will remain here for informational purposes…

You may have seen some wild articles about Australia’s miracle eyelash growth serum EyEnvy in recent months. As The Lash Spa has been a loyal supplier and stockist of this cult-beauty product for years, simply because of the results we see it having for our clients.

So we sent some questions through to clear up any misconceptions and had a chat on the phone to Australia’s EyEnvy supplier, and as one of their larger sellers, they got back to us right away.

There have been claims the couple that are the Australian distributors threatened to put “worms” in clients’ phones to track their sale of EyEnvy and other odd allegations. We find these claims are unusual and hard to believe. As one of Australia’s biggest EyEnvy stockists, we have found the suppliers to be very professional at all times in our 4 years of trading with them and have never encountered any such behavior – they’re very down-to-Earth people. (We believe these very wild and bizarre claims are being made by people who have been cut off as stockists after not following the terms they agreed to when becoming a stockist. One of these terms is that it cannot be sold via online stores like eBay to stop price cannibalization).

Please do not believe everything you read online! Here’s what we discovered straight from the supplier (as of August 3rd 2022). I am posting this with their permission.

  • The American owners of EyEnvy announced retirement from manufacturing back in January 2022. They ordered batches as part of closing down and checked off with the manufacturing plant in the US that owns the formula. This batch was the last one that we have received in Australia and they are working on getting more, but it may be a long time.
  • In early 2020, some batches which were meant for the US market contained an ingredient that is banned in Australia. But these batches did not actually make it to Australian shores and were sent to Canada. The affected batch only contained 0.004% of a prostaglandin type ingredient. They then instigated a recall on those batches. Remember, we didn’t receive any of those batches in Australia so none of our apply was affected.
  • There isn’t a lash serum in Australia that’s TGA registered because it is not a requirement.
  • EyEnvy has to comply with ACCC who did question the company when they heard about this prostaglandin batch. EyEnvy sent off all the relevant information and no further action is required at this time as it is all fine. It’s safe for use in Australia and won’t be removed from shelves.
  • There is currently a limited supply of EyEnvy on Australian shores and we highly recommend purchasing now while we still have stock (expiry date is 2024). The supply shortage is due to the US manufacturer, nothing happening on our end.
  • Due to the retirement of the American owners of Eyenvy, there may be delays on the next shipment of EyEnvy to Australia and it is looking likely to become a hard product to get. We are not saying this as a scare-tactic, this is the truth as we know it right now.
  • EyEnvy is not taking on any new stockists at this time due to said supply issues.
  • The Lash Spa can confirm that we are in good standing with the Australian suppliers and has secured a supply to last our clientele and phone customers roughly 6 months at our current/usual rate of sale.
  • For the time being, as we do have stock we will still be taking our usual phone and email orders.

We’re now all sold out of EyEnvy.

Is EyEnvy Banned in Australia

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If EyEnvy supply does run out we have confidence that the replacement product by the Australian manufacturers will be of the same high quality!

UPDATE 2024: As mentioned at the top of this article, the replacement is now out – called Revive7, and it is indeed of the same high quality. To place an order just give us a call on 0756 891 919 or visit our Varsity Lakes salon to pick it up in person.