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We’re passionate about lashes – especially lash aftercare! While it’s incredibly important to keep your lashes healthy all year round, there are a few key steps for your winter lash extensions. In winter, the temperature drops and there are lower levels of humidity in the air which can lead to dry skin and hair – this affects the growth cycle of your lashes. 

Book a fresh set of lash extensions

Lash extensions in Winter

If you’re new to lash extensions, winter is a great season to try them for the first time. Your lashes grow slower in winter so they’ll last a little longer. Or if you’re a regular lasher, you could use this time to remove your current set and apply a new style that you’ve been wanting to try. 

Hydrate your lashes 

Much like your skin, it’s important to keep your eyelashes hydrated in winter. We highly recommend lash boosting serum Revive7 which will nourish and condition your lashes. Revive7 helps your natural lashes reach their fullest potential in length, thickness and strength. You can use it on your brows as well. To order Revive7 just visit us in our Varsity Lakes salon, or call us on 0756 891 919 – we ship Australia-wide.

Avoid extreme heat

Extreme heat and lash extensions do not mix well. In winter, you may find yourself blow-drying your hair more often or enjoying a night with friends by the fire. Be mindful of how close your face gets to the heat as it’s not great for your lash extensions – or your skin either. The heat can break down the lash adhesive as well as dry out your natural lashes, causing them to fall out prematurely. 

Be aware of steam

Much like cosy fires, you may find yourself indulging in warm baths, spas or saunas more in the winter months. It’s more than okay to do this, in fact, we encourage it for self-care! There’s just one thing to keep in mind – when you’re around steam, be careful not to touch or rub your eyes. The steam can soften the adhesive glue on your lash extensions so if you rub your eyes, it may cause the extensions to fall. However, once you’re out of the bath, sauna or hot shower – the adhesive will strengthen again and everything will be back to normal. 

Follow a healthy diet

Your diet affects the health of your skin, hair and eyelashes. It’s important to ensure you’re still getting all the vitamins and minerals you need in winter, even when the weather drops and it feels a little harder to stick to a healthy routine. 

At The Lash Spa, we’ve added a few additions to keep you cosy and comfortable during your winter appointments. Our luxurious thick foam tables are now heated so we can set it to your optimum temperature. We also have warm blankets and of course, our memory foam pillows. There’s no better season to take things slow and treat yourself than in winter. You can book a treatment via our app or call our salon on (07) 5689 1919.