Lash Retention in Summer: here’s what you need to know

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Summer is well and truly here on the Gold Coast! There are more beach days, lunches with friends, family BBQs and special events. Your social calendar is fuller so you want your lashes to be too. The warmer months are one of our busiest times of year at The Lash Spa as our clients want to look and feel their best every day. You may have noticed one thing though, your lashes take a little more upkeep in the warmer months… Keep reading for all you need to know about lash retention in summer!

Summer lash shedding can occur

Have you noticed your pets shed more hair during summer than normal? It’s a completely natural process and it happens to humans as well. Seasonal shedding is normal, natural and nothing to worry about however, you will notice it’s not just your hair but your eyelashes too. If you suddenly find yourself losing more lashes than usual between your infill appointments or it feels like you’re shedding lashes like crazy, it may be seasonal lash shed. Be sure to let your lash artist know and they can check at your next infill appointment – they’ll be able to confirm by inspecting your lashes and identifying lots of new baby lashes growing through.

Summer Lash Retention

Daily cleansing is essential

With hot summer days, comes more sweat! When we sweat more, more natural oils make their way into your lashes so daily cleansing is absolutely essential. We recommend gently cleansing every morning to ensure your lashes stay in optimal health. Read more lash aftercare tips here

Keep sunscreen away from lashes

We’re huge advocates for sun protection at The Lash Spa so sunscreen is an absolute must all year round but particularly, in summer. However when applying sunscreen, be careful to keep it away from your lash line to avoid breaking down the glue adhesive. A hat or sunglasses are a great way to ensure you’re completely protected without getting sunscreen too close to your lash line. 

Increase your infills in summer

To combat seasonal lash shed and your busier summer social calendar, we recommend increasing your infill appointments to fortnightly to ensure they’re full and lush for every event. It’s normal for lash retention to be worse in summer due to lash shed, sunscreen use, more beach days and more time poolside. You can have a discussion with your lash artist to determine the best time frame for your infill appointments, depending on how well your lashes deal with the summer heat.

Increase to a higher volume of lashes

Another way to combat retention issues that summer brings is to consider increasing to a higher volume of lashes. Our thicker lashes have a thicker base on the lash fan which means there’s more surface area to apply adhesive to. This provides a stronger bond between the lash extensions and your lash line. Plus sometimes it’s nice to change up your look depending on the season.

If you’ve found your way to this article, you are likely concerned about lash retention in summer however, rest assured, it’s completely natural and normal! By following our tips above, you’ll be able to enjoy your lashes for longer during the warmer months. We look forward to welcoming you into the salon for some well deserved rest and relaxation very soon.