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When you’re looking for fuller lashes, you’ll eventually need to make the decision on whether you book in for lash extensions or a lash lift. As a salon that offers both services, we consider ourselves an expert on the topic. But first, what is the difference between a lash lift and eyelash extensions?

Lash lift vs lash extensions

What is a lash lift?

A lash lift uses chemicals to semi-permanently perm your lashes so they appear more curly (similar to a perm for your hair). They make your natural lashes appear darker and fuller, however, don’t increase the length or volume at all. 

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are when synthetic lashes are attached to your natural lashes individually. They add length, thickness and fullness to your lashes and you can achieve a variety of looks using extensions.

So out of lash extensions and a lash lift – which is best for you? There are a few things to consider…

Longevity of the look

A lash lift can last between 4-6 weeks, depending on your natural shedding cycle. After that timeframe, your natural lashes have completely grown through so you’ll need to book another lash lift. However, with lash extensions, you can book infill appointments every 2-4 weeks where any lashes that have shed are replenished with fresh extensions. This ensures you have full, fluffy lashes all year round. If you’re after a one off look and don’t want to think about it again, we would recommend you opt for a lash lift. However, if you’re after long-lasting luscious lashes and want to enjoy regular appointments at our salon, we say go for eyelash extensions. 

The health of your natural lashes

With a lash lift, you’re working with your natural lashes. If they’re strong, healthy and long then you may only need a perm and a tint to give you a voluminous look. However, if your lashes are short or thin, eyelash extensions may be the answer for you. We can’t add any length or volume to a lash lift, however, we can boost your natural lashes with eyelash extensions. 

How much you want to customise your lashes

With a lash lift, we are perming your natural lashes. If some lashes curl more than others, you’ll need to wait 6-8 weeks until your next lash cycle to make any changes. However, lash extensions allow us far more flexibility in tailoring a look to suit whatever occasion you have coming up. With eyelash extensions, we can boost your natural lashes and tailor the length, thickness and curl level. When it comes to a lash lift, we can only work with your natural lashes so we aren’t able to add extra volume or thickness. 

We adore all things lashes so if you’re still unsure, you can call our salon and we can chat to you about what will best suit you and your lifestyle. In fact, we love lashes so much that we created a spa-like sanctuary for our lovely lash clients so they can drift away while we pamper them! 

Whether you’re getting lash extensions vs lash lift, we believe aftercare is the most important step of the process. Combine our lash services with a lash serum like Revive7 (call us or visit us in salon to order) and you’ll achieve incredible results without foregoing the health of your natural lashes.

If you want to see what lashing is all about, we’d love to welcome you to The Lash Spa. Our Master Lash Artists will have a consultation with you to discuss what you’d like while you can experience the 5 star service we’re famous for. 

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