Seasonal lash shedding: everything you need to know

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Now that we’re well into a new season, you may have noticed more lash shedding than you usually have. We’re here to let you know, seasonal lash shedding is completely normal! Twice a year (during Autumn and Spring), our bodies react to the change in temperature and we shed all body hair faster than normal (including lashes!).

On average, you lose three to five lashes each day and in Spring and Autumn, it can be even more. While there’s nothing you can do to stop this natural cyclical shedding, you can stay on top of a few key things to ensure your lashes remain full and fluffy all year round. 

More regular infill appointments

Seasonal Lash Shedding

Each lash shedding season lasts about six weeks (one to two lash cycles)  – so you may need more regular infills during this window. If you notice your lashes are shedding faster than normal, stay on top of it by bringing your infill appointment forward. At The Lash Spa, we’ve made this super easy to do via our app or you can simply call our salon and we’ll help you out. If you have noticed extra seasonal lash shedding, be sure to tell your lash artist so they can keep an eye on it too.

Follow your aftercare instructions 

Keep on top of your regular aftercare routine, including gently cleansing them every two to three days. When clients notice extra lash shedding, they tend to fear cleansing as they don’t want any extra fallout. However, it’s best practice to keep them cleansed throughout the entire cycle to keep them healthy and for extra longevity. You can read more about proper lash aftercare here

Use a lash boosting serum in your routine

During the changing of the seasons, we highly recommend introducing a lash serum into your routine. Applying a nourishing serum daily will help care for your lashes and strengthen them. We stock the only Australian-approved lash growth serum (that actually works) at The Lash Spa. Revive7 will help boost lash growth, resulting in longer and fuller natural lashes (we also send phone orders the same day with tracking). To order, just visit our Varsity Lakes salon, or call us on 0756 891 919

lash growth serum for lash shedding

If you are experiencing seasonal lash shed, don’t worry, it won’t last forever! After about six weeks, your lash cycle should start to return to normal. Lash shedding is a natural occurrence that you should be aware of and you can always discuss it with your lash artist if you have any concerns. 

It’s important to know about seasonal lash shedding as sometimes the glue or humidity within the salon can be blamed. At The Lash Spa, we have advanced automatic temperature and humidity controls to ensure it’s the perfect environment for optimum lash retention. So if you are noticing extra lash shedding, it’s likely due to the time of year – don’t fret, it’s natural and your lash cycle will return to normal in around six weeks.