The Importance of Arriving On Time To Your Lash Appointment

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Arriving to your lash appointment on time can come easily to many people but also seems to be a bit tricky for others. I wanted to explain exactly why it’s so important to arrive at your lash appointment at the scheduled time.

  1. We book appointments in a way that allows our day to run smoothly. We aren’t like a hairdresser where a late arrival time doesn’t really matter. We allow roughly 30 minutes to infill your lashes and 60 minutes to apply them.
  2. If you arrive late, we still need to finish your appointment at the scheduled time – otherwise, the next client will have to wait and it’s not fair on them
  3. Imagine if we had 8 clients booked in one day everyone arrived late to their appointment just 10 minutes late – if we didn’t finish the appointment times by the scheduled time then by the end of the day the last client would be waiting for 80 minutes.
  4. Arriving late = missing out on precious lash time!
late to eyelash extensions appointment

Does arriving late mean I miss out on some eyelash extensions?

To show you just how many lashes we can apply in 10 minutes, I’ve demonstrated the number of lashes you could miss out on in the photo below:

lashes in 10 minutes

As you can see, it’s a lot – missing out on that amount of lashes by arriving to your appointment late will make a big difference to your infill or full set.

But if I arrive late and get fewer lashes, is my appointment cheaper?

We don’t give discounted appointments if you don’t arrive on time. As per our policies (read here), our clients still pay their regular infill rate if they arrive late. We will always try to make up time for you by having everything prepared and ready to go the second you walk in the door.

cats eye lash extension style

If for whatever reason you know you’re going to be late, then give us a quick call to let us know. And if you’re really late (say 20 minutes late to a 30-minute appointment), still give us a call on the off chance that the timeslot after yours is open so we could still give you a full appointment (we always try our best to be accommodating)

Ok, I’m sure I’ve convinced you to come to your lash appointment at the specified time – so why not book in with us today.

To book your appointment simply use our easy online booking process or phone us on 0756 891 919. Can’t wait to meet you!