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Eyelash extensions have been around for over a decade now. And in that time they’ve come a long way, going from classic single eyelash extensions in the beginning to volume fans and even handmade fans.

In the beginning only a small portion of women wore eyelash extensions and over time through popularity and seeing them more and more, a higher percentage of women have started to regularly wear eyelash extensions. Now it’s very common to see over half the women when you go out wearing eyelash extensions of some length.

eyelash extensions popular

The reason they’ve become so popular is because of the way they make your eye stand out without the need to wear any makeup at all. Eyelash extensions allow you to save time in the morning doing your makeup routine and still have an incredibly beautiful fresh look all day every day, lasting from 3 to 4 weeks.

Also over the years, there have become many more qualified Gold Coast eyelash extensions specialists and salons that offer eyelash extensions so getting the service completed professionally at a place near you has become much more easy. In the beginning, finding eyelash extensions was difficult and time-consuming and the application practices weren’t nearly as good. Now due to enhancements in glues, tools, the extensions themselves, and the lash technicians applying the lashes having far more skill and experience the whole process has become so much easier and quicker, with a far better final result.

Another reason eyelash extensions have become more popular is because of the advancements in glue types. Lash glue has become better at releasing fewer fumes which means less irritation around the sensitive eye area and for people with sensitivities to lash glue there are also cyano-acrylate-free adhesives that allow people who previously had allergies to still wear eyelash extensions without any irritation, however these glues aren’t nearly as strong, so the retention can’t come close to the effectiveness of things like our own ‘Lash Cement’ – created and used solely by The Lash Spa.

If you’re interested in getting a new set of lash extensions but have never tried them before then here’s a few tips.

Aim to find a salon in your area that specialises in eyelash extensions or a home-based business who specialises only in eyelash extensions. It’s far worse to go to a salon that does dozens of different treatments because the technician applying your lashes probably won’t have much experience in extensions and this is where problems can occur. They may only do one set of lashes each week so have very little experience or skill. Becoming an elite lash artist takes hundreds and even thousands of hours of practice so that’s why you really need to search for a specialist with a lot of experience – someone who has been doing lashes for 20+ hours a week for years – The different in result will be night and day.

Try to stay away from the cheapest salons because they will be cutting costs in areas like lash extension quality, glue quality and humidity and temperature controls which will affect the longevity of your lashes – It’s also likely that their sterlisation systems won’t be up to scratch, since all these things cost a lot of money. Not to mention they’re probably completely uninsured so if something goes completely wrong, you’re basically on your own.

Instead, if you can afford it go to the more premium salons because they will be using the highest quality lashes, glues and equipment to ensure the best quality result that will also last longer than the cheaper salons which in fact makes them a better value and experience.

At The Lash Spa we’re not the cheapest salon, and that’s not our goal. But we are the best salon, and that why we’re constantly winning awards on the Gold Coast for best lash extensions and best beauty salon. We’ve invested heavily in giving the best results, along with a premium experience.

If you’d like to book an appointment then click here, and we’ll see you in the salon soon!