How Do You Know If Your Lash Technician Is Experienced

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If you know a few friends or colleagues with eyelash extensions, you’ll have noticed there can be a big difference in the results depending on where you go. Some might have natural looking voluminous lashes that frame their face while others may have thick broom-like extensions. One of the biggest influences on the end result is simple – it’s how experienced your lash technician is.

Before jumping in and booking your lash extensions, you should do your research.

Here are 5 key things that will let you know if your lash technician is experienced.

They conduct a consultation

Lash Extensions Consultation

If you’re new to lashes, your lash technician should conduct a full consultation with you. This is where they explain the process of lashes, the types of lashes the salon offers and they will guide you on what lashes will best suit your face and eye shape. At The Lash Spa, we always show new clients photos and provide recommendations – we want you to know exactly what you’re getting so that you LOVE the end result.

Great hygiene practices

An experienced lash technician will have impeccable hygiene practices. You want to be comfortable at the salon knowing each tool has been sterilised between clients. At the Lash Spa, we triple sterilise our tools which exceeds the industry standard. We are truly passionate about hygiene and ensure our salon is always clean and presentable. The entire experience has been crafted to whisk our clients away to a relaxed state so no detail has been overlooked.

They ask you questions 

A great lash technician will ask you lots of questions. Sometimes clients aren’t quite sure what look they’re after however, an experienced lash artist will be able to work that out by asking the right questions. At the Lash Spa, our master lash artists ask a range of qualifying questions – from how much makeup you usually wear day-to-day to your working environment or if you have any particular look in mind. An open conversation between the client and technician will always lead to the best results. 

They really listen to you 

One trait that a great lash technician has is the ability to read between the lines. If you’re new to the lash industry, you may not be 100% certain what look you’re after. However, an experienced technician will really listen to what you’re saying to ensure you receive lashes you’re absolutely in love with.

They isolate each lash when applying extensions 
Proper Lash Isolation

At the Lash Spa, we only ever apply one lash extension on each individual natural lash. This is the correct way to apply extensions to ensure your natural lashes remain healthy and strong. An experienced lash technician will never overload your lashes or cause you any damage. 

So, how do you know if your lash technician is experienced? If they do a consultation, have strict hygiene protocols, ask you questions, really listen to what you’re saying and isolate each lash when applying the extensions. Look out for these key things and you should be in safe hands!