Do I Need a Break from Eyelash Extensions?

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Do I need a break from eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions are a luxury and fortunately you can continue getting fills for as long as your natural lashes can handle it and you won’t need a break from eyelash extensions. However, if your lashes are applied incorrectly (too many extensions on the one natural lash/applied on the eyelid) it can cause irritation, pain and gradual natural lash loss.

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Please bear in mind that by following the correct aftercare, especially avoiding pulling the extensions, it can aid in maintaining the health of your natural lashes. At the lash spa, we will politely refuse any clients who have unrealistic expectations in terms of length/thickness as we will only apply extensions suited to your natural lashes. By doing so, we avoid damaging our client’s natural lashes, ensuring they can continue coming to our little safe haven for treatments.

What if I have damaged natural lashes?

If however, a client were to accidentally pull or burn their extensions (+ natural lashes) we do stock an eyelash serum called Revive7. We recommend this miracle product to all of our clients as it conditions and strengthens the natural lashes from the root of the hair follicles, allowing them to grow at a faster rate than without. A tube of Revive7 is $120 and lasts up to 6 months (a great investment of $20 a month). With consistent use, you can expect to see stronger, healthier and longer natural lashes within 4-6 weeks. We have multiple clients who are actually able to increase the thickness/length of their extensions over time, with the use of this product. 

How often should I get infills?

Furthermore, in terms of natural lash damage, it is also essential that you regularly receive infills every 2-3 weeks. This is because as the natural lashes grow, they are unable to support the weight of the extensions which in turn results in twisting or drooping of the extensions, and potentially premature lash loss. Another factor to consider when wearing lash extensions, for an extended period of time, is committing to a cleansing routine.

Neglecting to thoroughly cleanse the lash line every couple of days can result in oil/makeup buildup. Without causing any alarm, our lash lines contain microscopic parasites known as Demodex Folliculitis. These microscopic mites naturally reside in the lash line, with and without extensions. However, they survive off of the debris/oil present on the lash line and therefore regular cleansing plays an integral role in warding off a mite infestation. 

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

Symptoms of Demodex Folliculitis include:

  • Crust/dandruff evident on the lash line
  • Unexplained/excessive lash shedding
  • Itching at the lash base, particularly of a morning
  • Chronic eye redness
  • Foreign body sensation 

How to prevent Demodex Folliculitis:

  • Regularly cleanse the lash line (with/without extensions)
  • Regularly change sheets/pillowcases/towels
  • Don’t share makeup or makeup brushes (wash brushes weekly)

There seems to be this stigma amongst extension wearers that cleansing your lashes will cause them to shed prematurely. This is definitely not the case unless of course, you cleanse the lash line quite roughly with your fingers. On the contrary, any extensions that shed during the cleansing process were in-fact ready to shed. It is recommended to cleanse the lashes over the sink, rather than in a steamy shower, and to utilise a clean eyeshadow brush with our lash certified cleanser. Please refer to “lash extension cleansing demonstrations” on youtube to understand the process. 

Doing these things means you won’t need a break from eyelash extensions, and as long as you follow the guidelines above you can have healthy natural lashes with beautiful extensions forever.