Is EyEnvy Lash Growth Conditioner Vegan?

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Are you looking for a safe, cruelty-free way to extend your natural lashes? You may be wondering if Eyenvy conditioner is vegan…

As stockists of Eyenvy ourselves and huge animal activists, stocking vegan products is very important to us. We pride ourselves at The Lash Spa as being a vegan lash extension salon on the Gold Coast. So it would make sense to only stock and recommend products we believe in.

eyenvy results

The quick answer is YES! EyEnvy is vegan and cruelty-free.

Here’s more information about the product if you’re only hearing about it now. EyEnvy is so popular with our clients that we dedicated a whole page to it here

Yay, I’m glad it’s vegan – now how do I get some?

If you’re living in Australia and can’t get to your nearest stockist, feel free to give us a call on 0756 891 919 because we can quickly process your payment over the phone and post your order to you on the same day. Or email

We ship EyEnvy 3 times weekly and many of our vegan clients order online. It’s the best lash serum we’ve come across!

Our lash clients notice fuller, stronger lashes so we can apply heavier lash extensions and give them an extremely full and stunning lash look.

UPDATE 2024: EyEnvy was discontinued in 2022 by the manufacturer, but has been replaced by a new and improved lash growth serum called Revive7 which is also a vegan product. We’ve seen similar fantastic results with Revive7 on our clients. To place an order call us on 0756 891 919 or visit us in our Varsity Lakes salon.