Eyelash Extensions Knowledge

Aftercare at The Lash Spa

lash cleanser aftercare

At The Lash Spa, we believe that perfect eyelash extension application is only part of the service – a huge and integral part in getting your new lashes to last is aftercare. We equip our beautiful clients with everything they need to know when it comes to caring for their new extensions. This is why we gift our first-time clients … Read More

Why Should You Get Customised Lash Extensions?

eyelash extension styles

If you’ve seen women flaunting thick and curly lashes, you might’ve wanted them for yourself. They’re certainly getting more and more popular on the Gold Coast. However, every lash, eye shape, and face shape is unique—there’s no one-size-fits-all deal when it comes to lashes. This is where customised lash extensions fit into the picture—you’ll want your extensions to enhance your … Read More

Why Bad Lash Extensions Last Longer

Clumpy Eyelash Extensions

In the beauty industry, there can be BIG differences in the work people do. It’s getting harder and harder to find a great hairdresser or brow lady, or like me – a lash technician… And like me, in the hunt for a good deal, you’ve probably phoned half a dozen lash salons to get their prices. But before you pull … Read More