We Care for You and the Planet: The Lash Spa’s Commitment to Being a Sustainable Salon

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At The Lash Spa, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty while also fostering a healthy environment for all. That’s why we’ve embraced a comprehensive approach to sustainability, implementing various eco-friendly salon practices behind the scenes to minimise our environmental impact as a very busy lash salon.

Reducing Our Energy Footprint 💡

We take a multi-pronged approach to conserving energy. Our treatment suites are equipped with smart installation timers on all appliances. This ensures that lights, air conditioners, and other electronics are automatically switched off when not in use. Additionally, we’ve meticulously isolated the air conditioning system using AirTouch technology, so only the areas currently occupied are being cooled.

Furthermore, we’re proud to say that wherever possible, we’ve invested in energy-efficient appliances that have earned a coveted 5-star rating which have been important as a sustainable salon on the Gold Coast. This signifies a significant reduction in our overall energy consumption, translating into a smaller carbon footprint and a healthier planet.

Sustainable Lash Salon Gold Coast

Giving Back Through Repurposing and Recycling ♻️

We believe in giving pre-loved items a second life.  Over the years, The Lash Spa has proudly donated gently used towels and spa bedding to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.  These soft items provide much-needed comfort and warmth to sick and injured animals during their recovery.

We also prioritise responsible waste management.  As a sustainable salon we diligently recycle all packaging that can be accepted in local recycling programs.  However, for items that can’t be traditionally recycled, we get creative!  For instance, we repurpose used plastic lash extension packaging by donating it to a local school. There, the clever students transform these containers into adorable “Tooth Fairy Boxes” with the help of some cute stickers. These charming boxes provide a safe and whimsical home for lost teeth, ensuring they’re ready for the tooth fairy’s visit that evening!

Embracing Sustainable Eco-Friendly Salon Alternatives

We’re constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact as a salon, and in 2024, we took a significant step forward by phasing out all single-use plastic disposables.  In their place, we’ve introduced a range of eco-friendly bamboo options.  These biodegradable alternatives are not only gentle on the environment, but they also elevate the overall spa experience with their natural aesthetic.

By making these sustainable choices, The Lash Spa is committed to minimising our environmental impact and fostering a greener tomorrow. We are grateful for your continued support and will keep you updated on our ongoing sustainability journey.

Thank you for choosing The Lash Spa – where beauty meets environmental responsibility 💚